Juggling Flaming Torches

Juggling Flaming Torches

Juggling Flaming Torches

Some days are smooth sailing. Other days are like juggling flaming torches. Know what I mean? Then there are months of juggling flaming torches. I’d rather be juggling Stuffed Hooves, quite frankly.

Tusk vs the Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews
Tusk circled this Stuffed Hoof forever trying to figure out how to get the yummy filling out

Twenty five years ago I learned to juggle. Thankfully, the clown teaching me used squares of tulle, which is light and floats down after being tossed. This is beneficial when learning to juggle. But I didn’t practice like I should. So once I moved up to hacky sack balls, I was constantly chasing the balls, as they’d get ahead of me. That right there, folks, has been the metaphor for my life ever since. Not only have I been juggling ten hacky sack balls at a time for years, but the balls are always moving forward while I chase them. Not good juggling form. And occasionally the balls are on fire.

Stress Upon Stress Upon Stress

Lately, though, I’ve been juggling flaming torches. And they’re moving ahead of me as I juggle. You could say that it all started when I was diagnosed with cancer. You might be right. But there were long periods of quiet last year. Well, for me. I slept a lot and just let the chemo do its job. People took care of me. There was really nothing more I could do.

This year I decided that we’d move to the country. Sure, that’s not so hard, right? Just get the house ready to sell, sell it, find a place, move. Easy peasy. This is the juggling flaming torches part, right? Wrong.

THIS – this stage where the house is under contract, we’re working to get all of the things on the inspection list complete before next week, we start moving out next week, the property we’re buying has no house on it and we don’t quite know when it’ll be ready to buy, where do we put all of our stuff? And a million more things. Juggling flaming torches.

The Animals

In the middle of all of the insanity, there are animals. Dogs, cats, birds. We’re going to be living with my mom for a week or three before moving to the property. The little dogs will be with us (they love being at Grandma’s house). And we have plenty of Jones Natural Chews to keep them from thinking about moving back home without us.

Moving to the country will be great for the little lap dogs
They love going to Grandma’s house. Her little dog will be so happy to see them all the time!

Our good friend the Homesteaders volunteered to keep Jimmy and the geese until we move to our permanent location. The birds will head to their temporary home on Saturday. I’m a little nervous about Jimmy, since he’s never been out of his yard and he’s six years old.

Juggling flaming torches? One of the torches is the geese and where to house them temporarily.
The geese have grown like crazy. The bigger they get, the more they poop. Drives me crazy, but I love them!

But the cats! I completely forgot about the cats. I feel so fractured. I can’t believe I forgot about the cats. My mom is allergic. In a panicked flurry, I called my daughter and arranged for her to keep the cats for a couple of weeks. They’re best friends with her cat. Phew!


So if I’ve missed some posts the last few months (and I have), it’s because I can only juggle so many things at once. Some days I drop this ball, and for that I apologize. But I won’t drop the giveaways, because y’all need treats! To enter to win our current giveaway, the Stuffed Hooves, click this sentence, click the giveaway box in the new post which opens, leave a comment and click I Commented! You’re entered. Tweet while you’re there, though, will ya? That’s for your benefit, since it improves your chances of winning, and your dog will love this treat! Promise.

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Juggling Flaming Torches

  1. so glad you have such wonderful friends to keep your little kids. i know your house will be lonely without them.

  2. WOW – you are buying property WITHOUT a house on it? My sis is trying to get her new place all situated – she decided to sell most of her old furniture and refrigerator when she sold her house so that she had to go out and get new appliances (she didn’t like what was in her new house) and furniture plus new carpet and flooring for the kitchen (her new house had way too much cigarette smell). Anyway, she was in a motel with her little Westie for almost a week. We were in Kansas City two days this week buying new furniture that will be delivered next week.

    Anyway, I just don’t know how you are handling all of this – but yes, thank goodness for friends and family 🙂
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