Knee Cap Montage

Knee Cap Montage

Knee Cap Montage

I’ll bet you’ve never seen a Knee Cap montage before. You’re probably muttering to your computer that you’ve never wanted to see a Knee Cap montage. Come on, now. Don’t be like that. There’s a reason for this. Really. Really really.

Checking out the Jones Knee Cap

The Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews is one of my all time favorite treats. And we’re currently holding a giveaway for one lucky dog to receive a Knee Cap of its very own. Why is it a favorite?

Prissy vs the Knee Cap montage

Structurally, the cow Knee Cap is rounded, making for a much longer lasting, sturdier chewing bone. It lasts practically forever. That’s a win all the way around. It’s also covered in meaty bits, which makes dogs go bananas. Baked beef all over my favorite chewing bone? Yes, please! Also, the Knee Cap, and every treat from Jones Natural Chews, is slow baked with moisture control to produce the best, longest lasting treat on the American market. You just can’t beat a Jones bone for durability.

Puppy kisses and nibbles on the Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews

But my all around favorite application of the Knee Cap is for puppies. Puppies chew. It’s a fact. They chew and chew and chew, causing some puppies to be rehomed, sadly. The Knee Cap may not be a cure for chewing, but it sure goes a long way for puppies of all sizes. The round shape makes it easy to carry or drag around the house. The meaty bits make it appealing to puppy noses and taste buds. The hard bone to chew is great for the dental health of any dog, but especially for a puppy. I happen to think that it’s the best chew treat for just about any puppy anywhere.


And, lucky you, we’re currently giving away the Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews! I sure hope this montage has convinced you that your puppy or small to medium size dog needs one. It’s pretty darn amazing. You’ll see. To enter to win, just click this sentence, scroll down in the new window, and follow the simple instructions. Remember – tweeting daily ups the points, which brings you closer to winning! And that will make your dog smile. Honest.

If you don’t win, or you want one RIGHT NOW, pop over to our store locator. Tractor Supply and some feed stores carry our treats all over the country. And if you’re an online shopper, check out Natural Dog Treat Shop.

Spreading the good chews …


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