Lamb Lung Puffs and a Giveaway

Lamb Lung Puffs and a Giveaway

Lamb Lung Puffs

My apologies for not posting yesterday. If you’ve ever moved and sold a house, you know the special Hell I’m going through. We closed on our house yesterday and are temporarily homeless (i.e. – living with my mom for a few week while waiting to close on a property elsewhere). So when I asked if you’d like a giveaway of Lamb Lung Puffs or the newest treat from Jones Natural Chews, in the long run it didn’t matter. I haven’t had time for a photo shoot with the new treats. You’ll have an opportunity to win them in two weeks! Today we recycle a Lamb Lung Puffs giveaway (still one of my favorite treats!), and your dog will still smile. Treat your dog to happiness.

Lamb Lung Puffs remind me of dog divinity. Smallish, light like air, a crisp, melt in your mouth quality, but dry. Except they look like little steaks, complete with grill marks.

Tender, Tasty Dog Candy
The tender, tasty Lamb Lung Puff is a delectable delight for any dog.

And dogs LOVE them. LOVE. I kid you not.

Lamb Lung Puffs are on every dogs wish list!
Are Lamb Lung Puffs on your dog’s wish list? They should be! Leave a comment for the chance to win a bag in today’s giveaway!

What Exactly are Lamb Lung Puffs?

Here’s what Jones Natural Chews says about this yummiest of treats:

Getting your dog a lung is like getting your dog a lung full of air. It’s light and tasty, made only from the best USA lamb lungs. Naturally baked for flawlessness.

Sure, Lamb Lung Puffs is a weird name for a treat. Because it’s so honest about what the treat is. But does your dog care about the name? It does not. I promise. Your dog only cares about the treat. The yummy NOM NOM NOM treat. And today we’re giving away this treat, or another lamb treat. Which other lamb treat? I’m so glad you asked.

Or Choose the Lamb Femur Bone!

Perfect for small dogs
Any small dog would be thrilled to gnaw on the JNC Lamb Femur Bone. NOM

Lamb Femur Bones are the perfect chewing bone for small to mid-size dogs who are non-aggressive chewers. Here’s what Jones says about this treat:

Our Lamb Femur is allergy friendly and splendid for small to medium dogs that are non-aggressive chewers. Dipped in natural liquid smoke and having meaty pieces left on the bone makes for one luscious treat. It happens to be a whole USA lamb femur bone, with knuckles on each end, from the hind leg.

Doesn’t that sound scrumptious? If you’re a little dog it does. Mmm. My dogs would probably like this femur bone, since they’re delicate chewers, but it’s definitely not for a dog with strong jaws and aggressive chewing habits. Know your dog.

This luscious Lamb Femur Bone is part of today’s giveaway. One lucky winner will be choosing between the Lamb Lung Puffs and the Lamb Femur Bone. If you have a large dogs, you definitely want the lung puffs. Small dogs will love the femur.

Dog Chew Safety

Right quick, here’s what Jones has to say about the safety of their chews:

We test all of our bones for splintering. We conduct pressure tests and moisture tests to ensure the best bone strength. Because of the all-natural process we put our bones through, they will not splinter any easier than a raw bone. As with any food or treat supervision is always recommended, all dogs have different chewing habits. We at Jones’ give all of our own dogs our products with confidence.

And here’s what they say about choosing the best chew for your dog:

Choose a bone that is the right density and size for your dog. The bone should be larger than your dog’s mouth. Pork bones and lamb bones are soft bones and are only for smaller, light chewers. Beef bones are good for most chewers. Beef shank and knee caps are the hardest bones for aggressive chewers.
If large slivers or pieces are breaking off, take it away and try another type. Bones are not intended to be ingested, but chewed and gnawed on. Knuckles will be consumed and will leave a hard bone piece to gnaw.

If your dog is your baby, treat it like your baby. Think toddler with an oral fixation. Know your dog. Give it the best – Jones Chews, naturally – and know what your dog can and can’t handle.


And that’s it! Leave a comment if you’d like to enter the giveaway. One comment per person. Use the Rafflecopter box just below to enter. And make sure to tweet daily to increase your chances of winning!
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Spreading the good chews …


61 thoughts on “Lamb Lung Puffs and a Giveaway

  1. My 2 doggies would love to try this. They are such good babies and deserve something new. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. My dogs were the lucky recipients of two small bags of these and they went bonkers for them! Even Miss Daisy, who is the pickiest doggy I ever did meet. Now she will give me a full set of the usual tricks when I bring out the bag as if she’s too eager to wait for me to ask for “sit-give paw-other paw- high five-give us a kiss”. She just flings herself through them all at top speed.

  3. Wow – I love these treats. I love to bury them in the sofa cushions, then dig them out and eat them. But, I can’t enter the contest because big sis Flea already gave me some. Mommy treats me to one a day. She’s so mean – I want 2 or more – woof!!!!

  4. I am wondering why don’t they make wabbit or squirrel puffs or wabbit or squirrel flavored food? We dogs sure would love that but I bet it is a human thing??? Ok, for now I would like to enter to win lamb puffs…haven’t had any since we left Germany.
    emma recently posted..I Got It, I Got It | GBGVMy Profile

  5. We love your products. PJ suffers from seperation anxiety. We give PJ your products when we need to go to work. Your products make PJ and stay busy so he isn’t destructive. Thank you for making my dog a happy dog.

  6. Holly, Zoe & Dexter are wondering about the squirrel puffs too… ;). We live in Canada so we’re probably not eligible but wanted to check in to tell you how much we enjoy your blog. Love the duck tales!

  7. My dogs would love to try these. I’m always looking for new treats that I feel safe giving to my dogs. The lamb bone sounds great for my Cheyenne. As she’s gotten older, I’ve noticed that though she gets very excited when she’s given a new bone or chew, she seems to have trouble chewing the harder bones I give my younger dog, who’s a much more aggressive chewer. It’d be nice to give her something that’s more toward here chewing preference.

  8. Chihuahua is a too have for me. My ChiChi, Rizzo would love to try this. She is little in size, but she is big on chewing, which I am very happy about. Chewing is excellent for preventing bad breath and keeping teeth healthy. Although my T-Chein, who has never really been a chewer, she is now 14 yrs old and this sounds like something she may be able to chew. Good luck to us all.

  9. Here’s Suzy’s answer to squirrel and rabbit:

    We do sell Rabbit Entrée Jerky. Rabbit is so expensive we haven’t branched out into other treats yet. Kind of doubtful we will (only because of price). We can’t make a chew out of them they are too soft and small. As for the squirrel. That would be illegal. It is illegal to farm squirrel and of course it is illegal to process food that hasn’t been farm raised and ran through an inspected plant. Hope that helps. Suzy

    Thanks, Suzy!
    Flea recently posted..Chihuahua – To Have, or Not to Have?My Profile

  10. Ewwwwe…..those sound really tasty! I want those and if I should win, do I have to tell Ash and Teddy? I will hide them and keep them for myself! They look too good to share!!!!!

  11. My 2 dogs love treats but one is a VERY aggressive chewer. So lungs for him but no lamb bones I guess 🙂

  12. I remember these from before. My guys really, really loved them! Maybe old man Wilson and his poor appetite will be revived if we win these 😉

  13. my girls are my babies, they love dried lamb treats. they love the crunch. my girls are so spoiled. however, i have to brag on them. we went to several Halloween parties. they were the best. they must have had so many compliments for being so well behaved, people asked me if they were professionally trained, etc. they had their picture taken over 200 times or more. one the last events there were several very small kids, 1-2 years old. the girls were so wonderful. they kids were tugging at them, playing with their costumes, giving them treats and the girls were perfectly behaved. i even left them and they stayed in place. people looked at them at amazement.

  14. My 4 Cockerkids haven’t tried these yet. They love all of the other Jones product that we can find. The tried to get Daddy to save the lungs and other organs from the Deer he got thus week, but just saved the liver and pancreas for Momma to grind up in our food. We would like to win and try these.

  15. Oh wow, I love natural treats for my dog and I’ve never heard of these! But I bet my pup would love these!

  16. You have 5 beautiful baby I love each one one then and always try to give them the best after all they are my best friends

  17. I don’t think drooling over food is as much a breed thing as an individual dog thing. I had pit bull terriers for over two decades and some would drool in anticipation of watching you eat but otherwise had dry flews (which the breed should). My Boston Terrier will hang over my shoulder and drip onto my arm if I eat on the couch and it’s my fault for eating on the couch, which is a gross habit. I try to only give him meat and animal parts treats like these, no grains as dogs don’t need carbs and he especially doesn’t need carbs!

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