Lambly Links, the All Natural Dog Candy!

Lambly Links, the All Natural Dog Candy!

Looking for an all natural treat for your dog that won’t be too big or too small? Goldilocks would approve of the Lambly Links – they’re just right! Jones packages this meat treat in a cute candy box, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Jones dog candy
The Lambly Links are all natural and a big hit with dogs

Do you give your dog gifts for holidays? The Lambly Links would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

  • First, the treat is all natural – 100%!
  • Second, the Lambly Links are 100% grown and made in the USA, guaranteed!
  • Third, Jones Natural Chews is always reasonably priced for chews in general, much less an all natural USA treat, mostly meat product!
Sweet Chessie
Ash waits patiently for a Lambly Link

Let’s see what’s in this yummy box o’meat, shall we?

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Lamb, lamb lung, rye flour, natural liquid smoke flavoring in a collagen casing[/quote]

Five ingredients. Grab any box of dog biscuits off the grocery store shelf next time you’re there and read the ingredient list. Make sure to tell me not only how many ingredients there are, but how many you can pronounce AND know what they are, m’kay?

Lab looks for his treat
Where did you hide my Lambly Link? I know there’s one for me. Give it. Is it back there?

And because some people like to be in the know about this kind of thing, let’s eyeball the guaranteed analysis of the nutritional content:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Crude protein min. 18%, Crude fat min. 24%, Crude fiber max. 3%, Moisture max. 15%[/quote]

Who can tell me what that means? I’ll bet Slim Doggy knows. Slim Doggy knows everything about dog nutrition and health. Well, way more than I know. It’s what they do.

So why would you choose Jones Lambly Links over dog biscuits or a bone? Let me count the whys!

  1. Lambly Links come in an adorable gift box!
  2. Lambly Links are four or five links to a box – just the right amount to share with a doggy friend, or enough to give your smaller dog a treat a day for nearly a week
  3. Lambly Links snap into smaller pieces
  4. As we’ve said already, Lambly Links are all natural, and grown and made in the USA!
  5. Lambly Links have very few ingredients, the top two of five being meat
  6. Most importantly, dogs LOVE Lambly Links! True story
Handsome senior German Shepherd
This is the face of contentment. Gryphon just finished her Lambly Link. Like Goldilocks, she’s ready to curl up in a bed that’s just right and fall fast asleep.

Here’s the honest truth – I didn’t get any photos of the dogs actually eating the Lambly Links. There were at least four dogs that I hand fed them to. The dogs liked them so much that the treats disappeared before my very eyes and no pictures were taken. It was a very sad and very happy thing all at once.

I did, however, get a picture of a duck in love, in case you wanted to see that.

A sweet, nuzzling drake
Little Jimmy Dickens leans in close for a nuzzle (he’s actually biting the snot out of my fingers)

Come back next Tuesday when we talk more about both the Lambly Links and the all natural, made in the USA Other Ear, both Jones Natural Chews feature treats for January. Dogs of all sizes love either treat! Personally, I’d recommend the higher fat, larger Other Ear for larger dogs, and the smaller, breakable Lambly Links for smaller dogs.

As always, you should be able to find Jones Natural Chews in your local pet or feed store. If they’re not local for you, they’re always available at Natural Dog Treat Shop online, and I’m guessing they’d be to your door before Valentine’s Day if you order now!

Until I write again …


13 thoughts on “Lambly Links, the All Natural Dog Candy!

  1. Well, Flea our Windee’s are starting to look a little ragged around the edges. Mom is always putting peanut butter in them and on them, to give us an extra little treat. Mom said it is not polite to ask for more presents once that person has given you a gift, ….I didn’t know those human rules…geeze louise….thank you for sending Maggie’s boyfriend that frisbee full of those goodies, there are five pugs in that house so they will be enjoying it, and thank you so much for attending and donating to twee’s auction. OUR mom says you are a jewel!! Our dad says he wishes you lived closer cos he sure enjoyed your visit. And he is not one to visit.
    Stella Rose

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