Lap Chickens

Lap Chickens

Lap Chickens

I’m feeling nostalgic today, y’all. We’re readying our house to move. It’s like a show home! And in the process, we rehomed our hens. They went back to their original home for breeding. So I’m missing my lap chickens. Granted, I currently have a duck and three large goslings roaming (and pooping prolifically in) my backyard, but it’s not the same. And I do miss my baby Peep, the Cochin. Enjoy.

Some of you, yesterday, expressed surprise that I have lap chickens. Oh my. Here I was thinking that everyone had lap chickens. No? Well. Everyone SHOULD have lap chickens. Let me tell you why –

Look at that face!
Look at that face! Who wouldn’t want a lap chicken? She’s so CUTE!!!

See that face? I’ve got about a bazillion photos of that face. Seriously. How cute is that?!?

Mary Ann and Ginger have a morning snack
Mary Ann and Ginger join me for breakfast one morning last winter. Their feet are very warm.

Cold mornings on the back porch enjoying the sunrise? Best with a warm, fluffy lap chicken.

A chicken on my shoulder
Pretty sure Mary Ann is about to wipe her face on my sweater. She does that. A lot.

Lap Chickens are Piggy Eaters

Granted, having a sloppy eater on your lap isn’t always fun, especially when they use your thigh as a napkin, but it’s great fun to share breakfast with the girls. Y’all, I have been trying and TRYING to get the poultry to eat a Jones Natural Chew, but they won’t have any of it. Maybe I started off on the wrong foot. Ya think?

Mary Ann can't eat this!
Mary Ann wants to know what the FREAK I was thinking, giving her a JNC Dino Bone!?!

Because they LOVE meat. They do. Mary Ann and Ginger will jump up and grab a piece of pepperoni out of my mouth. They also love roasted chicken carcass. And boiled eggs. So why not a nummy JNC treat? A nice beef jerky, or a pig ear or something. Amended – they absolutely go bananas for Jones Chicken Taffy.

Lap chicken loves people
Ginger loves people food most. Hunny doesn’t eat on the back porch anymore because of the girls. They’re very … pushy.

*sigh* Ya can’t have everything.

Indoor Birds vs. Outdoor Birds

Seriously, though? For more than a decade we had cockatiels, finches, and love birds. We even had an African Grey for a brief bit. Don’t ask. The point is, I’ve always loved birds. Shoot, even growing up we had birds from the time I was born. So I’ve missed them to some degree, the sweet nature, the camaraderie, talking to them without looking too crazy. And then … the chickens happened! One came home with my son as a tiny chick:

Black Copper Maran Chick
I can’t find my chick photos! This is a Black Copper Maran. We chick sat six of them this summer (say that five times fast). Yes. I chick sit. It keeps me happy. Don’t judge.

And we fell in love. How could we not? The beauty of outdoor birds is that all that feather and seed mess which I didn’t miss? In the backyard. Oh, and the other wonderful bonus? The gazillion finches which hang out in our backyard most of the year, drinking and eating here. It’s awesome.

If you’re thinking of being a chicken boss, know that it’s work. Not a whole lot, but it’s work. Part of that work will be with your dogs. Our girls stayed in the coop most of their first few months while we trained the dogs not to hurt them. After a bit they began following the chickens around the yard. We still only let the dogs out for brief periods of time, but that’s more because we don’t trust the attack duck not to hurt them.


Y’all all have a great weekend! And if you’re thinking about getting chickens for the backyard? Email me. Flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com. I love my girls. I didn’t even mention our favorite perk – the eggs! Oh, and don’t forget to enter our current giveaway! Jones Natural Chews has a great new treat, Liver Logs! Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, click the entry box, then click I Commented! Easy as pie. Hmm. I need to go find some pie.

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Lap Chickens

  1. We had a pet chicken growing up… Henny Penny. My mom had a walking harness for her. I don’t remember why because Henny Penny was allowed to go wherever she wanted when she wanted so what was the point? Henny Penny was allowed in the house. She didn’t care to sit on our laps but I remember my mom putting newspaper down on the couch for Henny Penny to sit next to us and watch cartoons.

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