Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews Giveaway

Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews Giveaway

Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews

Today is a beautiful combination of two special things – a Tuesday giveaway and Talk Like a Pirate Day! The bulk of this post will be about Jones Natural Chews new Liver Logs (which your dog will smile about), but let’s take a second to recognize my favorite pirate.

ARGGGHHH! Bark Like a Pirate Day
Flash says it’s Bark Like a Pirate Day.

There. Done. I’m missing him something fierce.

What’s a Liver Log?

Let’s talk a little about the Liver Logs, a six ingredient, all natural dog treat from Jones, and sure to be your dog’s new favorite.

Liver Logs, the newest treat from Jones Natural Chews
Liver Logs, the newest treat from Jones Natural Chews

The Liver Log is soft and chewy. Soft means that it’s easy to tear into smaller pieces, which is excellent for more than one reason. I’m going to be up front with the most important reason. Liver Logs are primarily beef liver, which dogs find very yummy, but are high in iron. This is when all my preaching about treats being treats and not food comes into play. Always a little, never a lot. If your dog has been diagnosed as anemic, this treat is probably very beneficial. But for a normal dog, a little goes a long way. A couple of small pieces a day are perfect! Y’all, I’m going to say that about all of our treats, but it’s best to err on the side of caution with any treat which is high in a particular nutrient.

Liver Logs, the newest treat from Jones Natural Chews
Gadget was smiling about his Liver Log treat from Jones

What’s in a Liver Log?

The ingredient list is pretty simple.

  • Beef liver
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Molasses
  • Guar gum
  • Salt

This treat smells good. It tears easily. Dogs go nuts to get a piece of the Liver Log. What’s not to love? Chewy and Gadget approve, which is a tricky thing. Gadget has become very picky.

Gadget approves of Jones Natural Chews' new Liver Logs
Gadget approves of Jones Natural Chews’ new Liver Logs

As you can see, he chewed a small piece into smaller pieces. Don’t worry – he cleaned up his mess and ate it all. He’s a good boy.


I know you have a good dog at home. Maybe your good dog is even sitting right next to you this very moment. Your good dog wants Liver Logs. They’re amazingly delicious. And lucky for you, Jones Natural Chews is going to give some good dog their very own Liver Logs! There are a couple of rules pertaining to this giveaway. I hate a whole bunch of rules for giveaways, but we’ve gotta have a couple, right? Here they are …

  • Must be a resident of the contiguous US to enter
  • Must leave a comment on THIS post
  • Must enter on or before midnight CST October 1st, 2017
  • Must use the giveaway entry box just below this list

See how easy that is? And here’s the giveaway entry box.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So go! Enter now! Your dog will thank you. So will I. And give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


30 thoughts on “Liver Logs, New from Jones Natural Chews Giveaway

  1. no not really. i just avoid food with added salt, sugar, gmo’s, ingredients from china and processed foods. i follow the same food rules for me as i do for my dogs.

  2. O-M-D! LIVER TREATS! Both Beaglebratz Ladiez love their liver treats and mom likes the fact they can be torn into smaller pieces – Lady Shasta NEEDS to lose weight so that would be ideal. No real dietary needs as evident by her weight – IF her or Miss Maizie get any grain then it is most likely in treats since I feed them a grain-free food and I read the ingredients to make sure. I never knowingly feed any corn – food or treats. So far, haven’t seen that Miss Maizie has any special dietary needs. The only thing I have to remember with her is I have to feed her a bit more than LS since she is way more active.
    Kim Brooks recently posted..Sunday Selfies on #NationalDayOfPrayerMy Profile

  3. None of my dogs have any special dietary needs, but they are all technically seniors, so I try to be extra careful in only giving them healthy food and treats. I think they’d love these!

  4. My lil one doesn’t have any dietary needs, she loves liver and always gets a little bit when ever I cook it for myself (yes, I am one of those who likes liver). I know she would love having her own liver treats.

  5. Loves Jones as the pics of my dogs have shown. If they could talk,”So good, crunchy, and delicious. ”
    Love Flea as well. My dogs hope we win!

  6. No special needs for the Okie 4 Cockerkids. Samsdon does have problems with ear infections, that I’m working on finding the cause. I’ve bought Jones Treats from a couple of places and they love them.

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