Long Lasting Dog Chews

Long Lasting Dog Chews

Long Lasting Dog Chews

I get the question all the time, ” Which are long lasting dog chews for my dog?” And the answer is pretty individual to the dog, believe it or not. Of course I’ll be talking about Jones Natural Chews, since that’s what I know. First, though, let’s talk about the why. Why would a dog owner want long lasting dog chews instead of chewy treats?

Why the Long Lasting Chew?

Two main reasons

  1. A tough chew treat is great for your dog’s dental health, helping to keep teeth and gums clean with gnawing vs consuming
  2. Long lasting dog chews are great for keeping a dog occupied, especially in a multi-dog home when you need a distraction, or just when you need to work and want a little peace and quiet – think of a tough treat as LEGOS for little kids

Beagle with a JNC Hoof, long lasting dog chews

What Size is Your Dog?

What size is your dog can also be asked, “Is your dog an aggressive chewer?” I know small Dachshunds that can tear through a tough chew faster than a Great Dane. While size does matter, sometimes it’s the size of the jaw and the attitude. Here’s how I break it down.

  • For toy and small dogs, or non-aggressive chewers, I recommend a Candy Cane (it’s a Bully Stick), a Curly Q (a coiled Bully Stick), or the Hoof. The six inch Windee is also a great long lasting chew. These are all consumables, but will last for awhile. If you’re comfortable with bones, Jones carries the perfect bone for small dogs, the Knee Cap – it’s sturdy and durable, while being small enough for most toy dogs. I’m also a fan of their Rib Bones and Pork Femur Bones, but only if there are no larger dogs in the house. They’re amazing for toy dogs. If you pinned me down for a favorite chew for small dogs, I’d have to say the Hoof from Jones Natural Chews. It’s not a bone, but it’s nearly as durable as one, and it’s small enough, light enough for tiny dogs.
  • Medium size dogs, or aggressive chewers with a moderate jaw strength – my Australian Shepherd mixes used to fit in this category. While they’re still 60 pound dogs, at 14, their jaw strength isn’t what it was even a year ago. Before I knew that it was a digestive hazard, they’d chewed up and swallowed Rib Bones. No. Do not give this size dog anything but a beef bone. Splintering is a real problem. What do I recommend? Any of Jones larger Bully Stick options are good, primarily the Braided Stix. That’s a tough chew. The 12 inch Windee is great. I do still give the medium chewer a Hoof – my Patches is a big fan. With this size we come to one of my favorite treats, that’s sometimes a little too big for tiny dogs – the Bandit’s Bone, a bone stuffed with beef. This bone will keep your dog busy for HOURS. Maybe even days. It’s a center bone that’s densely packed with ground beef. AMAZING. The natural 4″ Center Bone and the Bully Bone are also great options, with meaty bits still clinging to the bone. The Crown Knuckle is also a sturdy option. My favorite choice? The Bandit’s Bone, obviously.

A Beagle and a stuffed bone for long lasting dog chews

  • Large dogs with strong jaws – keep in mind, some of the most aggressive chewers do damage to their teeth, so bones aren’t an option. We’ll begin with consumables for these dogs. Take a look at Jones Natural Chews 12″ Windee. I love that this treat doubles as long lasting dog chews, but also as a joint supplement for the larger breeds prone to hip and joint issues. It has the largest natural amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin of any natural, single ingredient treat on the market. Second to that, take a look at the 8″ Braided Stix, a braided Bully Stick.  Mostly, though, I’m going to recommend our bones. A large dog goes bananas for any of our mammoth bones. At 16 to 18 inches long, the Jumbo Bone will make any big dog smile for days. For the most aggressive chewers, give the Slammer Bone a try. The Saddle Knuckle is a great bone, too. My favorite is probably the Jumbo Bone, because size matters.

The Jumbo Bone, because size matters - long lasting dog chews

To look through any of these chews click here and scroll at your leisure. I didn’t want to inundate y’all with links. And please, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments. If I don’t know the answer, I have a whole family of professional dog people and butchers (the Jones family) who can answer at the drop of a hat. We’re all passionate about dog treats.


Our current giveaway is the perfect long lasting treat for medium size dogs, the Bully N Bacon. Small and large dogs will love it, but it’s really perfect for mid-size models. 😉 Click this sentence to open a new window, then scroll down and click on Rafflecopter for easy entry instructions. Your dog wants a Bully N Bacon treat. Bone appetit!

Spreading the good chews …


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