Manic Monday, FBM 250

Manic Monday, FBM 250

Manic Monday

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. Christmas is less than a month away. It’s Manic Monday. And if you and I are Facebook friends, you may have seen that Belle went to the emergency vet yesterday, increasing my own mania. Belle was suddenly lethargic, stumbling, stiff joints. If you saw the video I did for the Jones Natural Chews Facebook page, just Saturday night, you’d know that she was fine. And that my math is awful.

Then not. The vet, after a series of tests and scans, says that it’s not parvo, low blood sugar or her liver. Belle’s spleen is greatly enlarged, her white blood cell count is up, and they think maybe distemper. They’ll be doing an ultrasound this morning (yes, they kept her overnight). I should be hearing, soon, how she is this morning, but no definitive answers till later in the day. *sigh* Manic Monday. Let’s kick this off with the video from the 80’s, get the ear worm out of our collective heads.

Y’all, the Boston Terrier in this next video makes me smile.

I just talked to the ER nurse. She says Belle is resting quietly, depressed, but that she’s eaten for them. Still on an IV for fluids. Antibiotic shots have been administered. Waiting on the ultrasound. The vet will call me once that occurs.

One last video, then I’ll let y’all get back to your Christmas shopping (I know that’s what you’re doing today, online. Pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop and get all your dog shopping done at once).

How cute is that?!

Winner Stuffed Windees

It’s that time again – we announce the winner of the most current Jones Natural Chews treat giveaway! We’re giving some lucky dog our Stuffed Windees, and that dog belongs to …

Rachel Monn! Congratulations, Rachel! Your baby is going to love the Stuffed Windees! I can’t wait to hear what your dog thinks of our newest treats!

Now go. Give your own dog Jones Natural Chews. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday, FBM 250

  1. Oh belle I’m sorry you have to be in the hospital but glad to hear nothing serious and something you can work through. It’s tough being a big dog with big bones.

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