Funny Bone Monday, 54 – of Memes and Resolutions

Funny Bone Monday, 54 – of Memes and Resolutions

Happy Funny Bone Monday! I don’t know about y’all, but I spent the weekend playing with my Christmas presents. Specifically, with my iPhone lenses, then creating memes. So we’ll jump start with a video, but jump into the memes, yes? Let’s begin with something we’re all probably guilty of this time of year – making resolutions.

And I’m sure that if these cats and dogs made resolutions, it would be to LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE.

So I have these cool lenses for the iPhone – the CamKix lenses, complete with tripod – and am LOVING them. LOVE. Two of the lenses come apart for a macro lens beneath them. LOVE. It’s not a big fancy camera, but it’s a lot of fun. On top of that, Hunny bought something that made him think of me.

Happy New Year from the Farmer's Wife
The Farmer’s Wife wishes you all a Happy New Year!

She’s called Farmer’s Wife. Her Crocs are green, not pink, but I’ll forgive her. She’s been all kinds of fun.

Farmer's Wife through the fish eye lens
I used the fisheye lens for this shot

And this last week on FaceCrack there’s been a fun meme making the rounds. In fact, I’d like you to respond in the comments, please. List the last book you read, followed by “with a chainsaw”.

Farmer's Wife with a Chainsaw
The Farmer’s Wife understands that some days really are made for chainsaws – I used the macro lens for this

Mine is The Bible With a Chainsaw. I read a one year Bible and finished a couple of days early so I can trade versions with my bestie. I don’t know that the Bible would be better with a chainsaw. I get into the prophets and Revelations and wonder if maybe it might. Let’s hear yours!

One more with the Farmer’s Wife? I love her so.

The perfect woman
The Farmer’s Wife understands what the modern woman does not – she is perfect just as she is

And just like that, she’s immune to resolutions. I am actually making one resolution, and that is thanks to Slim Doggy and the Move Your Mutt-a-Thon. I’ll be walking my dogs at least three days a week. They currently spend a lot of their energy playing bitey face in our big back yard and chasing bunnies. Which they almost never catch. Thanks, Slim Doggy! Flash would like to weigh in:

The perfect dog
Flash isn’t into resolutions, either. Well, I think he’s resolved to trick mama out of more Jones chews this year than usual.
Happiness meme
All this time and I thought he was warming the couch for ME

I think I’ll have to resolve to give both Flash and Patches more Jones chews this year. They’ll appreciate that. Let’s see .. what’s next?

Partying with chickens and a duck
Yes, Jimmy and the Girls got in on the whole New Year’s scene. They’re a pretty happening crowd and love a good party. In my house.

Last, but never least, is a shot of Jimmy with the fish eye lens.

Want a New Duck
These are lyrics, dude.

Serious lyrics. Here, let me show you …

OMD (oh my duck), are those not the cutest ducks ever? Besides Jimmy, I mean. Lookit:

Jimmy is the cutest duck ever. On that note, I’ll see y’all tomorrow! OH OH OH! Before I forget! Pop over to Dawn’s blog and read about her Oklahoma ad venture, featuring Flash, Patches, Bosco and Jimmy!

Until I write again …


13 thoughts on “Funny Bone Monday, 54 – of Memes and Resolutions

  1. Jimmy is adorable!!!!!! Reminds me , I have to order more Jones chews for Livvie and Kessie! They are also perfect, and will not be making any resolutions. BTW, I walk them three times a day. We live in the city. No back yard.

    I couldn’t resist. I’m actually reading… The Secret Garden With A Chainsaw!

    -Terry from

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