Monday Mischief, The Duck Tale

Monday Mischief, The Duck Tale

I know, I know – Monday Mischief is all about dogs and the trouble they get into. But Flash and Patches, at half past ten years old, just don’t get into much mischief anymore. Unless you count eating duck and chicken poo in the back yard. Or eating the first duckling Roger Ann hatched (I think they thought it was a squeak toy). Or getting into fights with Jimmy.

Y’all haven’t met Jimmy? Little Jimmy Dickens? Allow me to make introductions. World, meet Little Jimmy Dickens.

Little Jimmy Dickens
Jimmy says hello!

Little Jimmy Dickens, meet future adoring fans.

This duck isn’t even a year old (October first is his birthday), and he’s already sired two sets of eggs, a total of seven hatchlings. But that’s not mischievous. It’s just … mumble mumble mumble … I’m being reminded that this blog is rated G.

He does make cute babies

Jim is the alpha critter. Typically Patches, my female dog, is the alpha, but then Jim came along. He’s bossy, rude, he bites, quacks, stays underfoot. He attacks the dogs, the cat is terrified of him. Here – I’ve put together a photo collage as proof:

Or Attack?
“I’ve got a secret for you, Patches.”

See what I mean? But all of that pales compared to what he does to the mama who loves him, the hand that feeds him. Ordinarily Jimmy nibbles my hands and ankles. I have to wear my Crocs when I step outside because the boy has a real thing for toes. Ow. But today he went after my ankles in a huge way.

Not a love bite
Jim was angry that I went away for six days, so he bit me

I water the vegetable gardens with the water from the duck pond. It makes for yummy ‘maters. For some reason, Jimmy is offended by my removal of all the water from his pond a few times a week, even though I replace it with clean, cool water. So he bites me while I walk and water. While he’s weaving in and out between my feet, trying his best to kill me.

What on earth am I going to do with this duck?!? I mean, he’s part of the family now.

Jimmy makes himself at home
The boy keeps bringing the duck into the house

He even wants to live inside. That, or he’s plotting something.

Don't turn your back on Jim
Does he want in? Or is he scheming?

But how could you not love this face?

He's a charmer
Is he the cutest duck ever or what?

I wonder if Jimmy would like Jones Natural Chews? I should probably just stick with chicken scratch and shredded coconut …

Until I write again …


9 thoughts on “Monday Mischief, The Duck Tale

  1. Dawn, the feathers are called a crest. Lots of types of ducks have crests. It’s like saying I have red hair, which, technically I do, since the hair on my arms and legs is still red. Also, technically, Miss Clairol makes sure the hair on my head is still red.

    But I digress.

    My husband brought Jim home for me last fall as a birthday gift. He sent me a photo via text from the feed store and I asked him what kind of duck Little Jimmy was. He looked at the sign on the bin and said, “Assorted”.


    We think, digging around online, that he’s probably an Aylesbury. My boy is large, heavy, low to the ground and can’t fly to save his life. When I pick him up, he doesn’t even fall with style if I let him go.

    That said, Jimmy really is a sweet boy. I love him more than I ever thought I would a duck. We had love birds, cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, even an African grey. Having birds outside is ideal. All the mess stays out there! I wouldn’t give up Jim for anything. He follows me like a puppy, nibbles at my hand, comes when he’s called. He’s wonderful.
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