Multiple Dog Houshold

Multiple Dog Houshold

Multiple Dog Household

Raise your piddy paws if you own a dog! Do you have them raised high? You in the back … yeah, third from the last row on the right *shading eyes and straining* … your hand’s not up. Get it up there!

Hunny and the homesteading farm dogs - are you a multiple dog household?
My Hunny is petting someone else’s dogs. This means our dogs will be sniffing him like crazy when we get home. The hazards of a multiple dog household …

Now, raise your piddy paw if there is more than one dog living in your house! Okay … okay … multiple dogs, not as many hands, but I expected that. Some people are just one dog type people, and that’s great. Maybe everyone in your house isn’t a dog person anyway. It’s a compromise, perhaps, having just the one? Are you a multiple dog household?

How could one dog be enough?
If one dog is good, then two is better! This poor family only has one dog. Sad, sad family.

You multiple dog people – what does it take to have more than one dog? And why aren’t people with multiple dogs considered crazy, like people with multiple cats? How does one go from being a dog person to having a houseful, anyway?

We have two dogs. I’d adopt at least one more if my Hunny would go for it. I can tell you, at least for us, why we draw the line at two. I’d like to hear from the rest of you why you have the number of dogs you do.

Does Having a Dog Make You a Family?

We started out, 20 years ago, with a pregnant me and one dog. A dog, we were told, would prepare us for kids. It would make us a family. The preparing us for kids part was a big, fat LIE. Making us a family? The truth.

Does your dog, or do your dogs, suddenly make you a family, whether or not you have a spouse?

A dog is instant responsibility. I can answer the cat question – cats don’t require NEAR the responsibility that dogs do. A litter box, food, water – a cat can be left for the weekend. Not so the dog. So yes, dogs are like kids that way. Always needing something.

Crazy Boy
Teenagers take up more space than dogs. Especially when they wear hats like this one.

Which is partly why we only have two dogs. I mean, really – we already have three teenagers. Currently four teenagers. Most days five. It’s a lot to be responsible for.

Crazy Cat Lady, or Crazy Dog Lady?

Cats sleep in odd places, like windowsills, foot of the bed, a big stuffed chair. They tuck away into small spots, or sleep on your chest. But dogs? Dogs typically take up more space. not just for sleeping, but at your feet when you’re sitting. In the car (I’ve never taken the cat joy-riding). Anywhere they are, dogs require space. They move, they play, they run. Space.

The Superior Cat
Who on earth wouldn’t want a cat this beautiful?

Then there’s money. Dogs eat more. A lot more. Granted, I’m talking about my own 50 pound creatures, not tiny dogs. Dogs require lots of food. And plenty of Jones Natural Chews. They do! Don’t look at me like that! Okay, mine do. Somehow, the cost of feeding three cats (we had three for a long time) is so much less than feeding two dogs. The flea meds are more expensive for dogs. Every month. Cleaning up after dogs requires a better vacuum. At least, cleaning after my dogs does.

What I’m trying to say here is, it’s the people who own more than three dogs who should be called crazy, not the multiple cat owners.

Stop yelling! I can hear you. I know, I know – having dogs is infinitely more rewarding than having cats. Companionship. Love. Exercise. Entertainment.

Here – The Oatmeal says it all much better than I do. My blog is rated G. This particular comic is not. For my sensitive readers, either be prepared for foul language, or just don’t click the link, please.


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And in case you hadn’t noticed, today’s post is gently recycled. We now have four dogs and two cats. We’re just plain crazy. Oh, and my son is flying to Alaska today. I just had to throw that in there. My baby boy is moving to Alaska for a year to cook at a boarding school in Galena. I tell you this because I’m seriously hoping to get photos, this winter, of the Iditarod. It passes through town this coming year. That boy had better be practicing his camera skills!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. i have 3 little gals and i dont know how i ever lived without them. they are my very bff and give me so much love. having a pet is great for anyone of all ages. it teaches you abt life, love, how to care for something, responsibility, etc.

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