National Get Over It Day

National Get Over It Day

Get Over It!

Today is National Get Over It Day. Can you believe it? How do you feel when someone tells you to just get over it? Granted, sometimes it needs to be said. But no one really wants to hear it, do they?

Today we’ll take a look at some dogs who might just need to get over it. It’s Wordless Wednesday, thanks to BlogPaws, and we’ll play with photos today. Then we’ll all give our dogs a treat!

Tucker and Stephen - just get over it!

Steven is telling Tucker to just get over it. Tucker wanted to go out and play with the other dogs. Steven wanted to cuddle Tucker. Can you blame him? I guess Tucker got over it at some point. And Steven got his Basset/Mastiff cuddles.

Flea's Wonder Dog, Flash, can't get over not having treats

I told Flash he wasn’t getting anymore Jones Natural Chews. He’d had enough, really. That didn’t make him happy. I had to tell him to get over it. That didn’t go over so well, either.

Jimmy the duck ROCKS a bow tie. Naturally.

Jimmy isn’t a dog, and he hates wearing bowties. I told him to get over it. He bit me. So we know how he felt about that. I really think this get over it phrase needs to be struck from the English language.

Angry Chicken told to get over it - not happening

One doesn’t tell Peep to get over it. Chickzilla makes her own decisions.

Working Dogs Bored at the Agility Trials?

“Hey! Hey you! Come back here! Don’t you tell me to get over it then walk away! I WANT MY TREAT!” Yeah, don’t tell strange dogs what to do without giving them treats. It doesn’t go well.

Rescue Dogs - Beauty for Adoption

And you NEVER, EVER tell a rescued dog to get over it when he’s looking for a new home. You take that puppy home with you and treat it like royalty. A few Jones Natural Chews every day will help.

And Now For the Treat

Now that we’ve all upset our dogs, let’s give them treats, shall we? We’re currently hosting a giveaway for the Jones Natural Chews Spring Fling! What is that? Why, it’s six all natural, single ingredient meat treats from Jones, packaged in a cool flying disk! Your dog wants it. If you click on this sentence, you’ll be taken to the giveaway, where you’ll scroll to the bottom and follow the Rafflecopter directions to enter to win! Remember, tweeting daily increases your chances to win! And it’ll make your dog smile. Naturally.

Get out there. Enter. Give your dog a treat. And please, don’t tell anyone to get over it. You might get punched.

Spreading the good chews …


10 thoughts on “National Get Over It Day

  1. There are things in life that are hard to get over, but on the other hand at times you just need to get over it. I hate those words also.
    stella rose

  2. No step ladder needed, and the dad was the Basset. I hear it was pretty hilarious to see. No one expected it, which, I assume, is why they weren’t kept apart when the Mastiff was in heat.

  3. What a great day to get over it. I’m not sure yet what I need to get over, but I will come up with something. Hope you are doing alright…it’s downhill to the weekend at this point!

  4. Layla woofs that we hate those words “Get Over It” I feel that when someone says that to us then they are obviously not listening to me or just don’t care. So to Flea you don’t have to get over anything unless you want to – the only thing I want to get over today on National Get Over Day, is the day itself – its been too hectic – hugs and woofs from us xxx

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