New Puppy, FBM 248

New Puppy, FBM 248

New Puppy

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Guess what I got this weekend? Not a new puppy. No no no. I got TWO NEW PUPPIES! Okay, so I’m a little excited. But there’s back story.

Dogs of Jones - new puppy times two
New puppies here at Flea’s house – stay tuned for names and more info on these cuties!

Y’all, we’ve adopted our last four dogs from rescues. I have loved them all dearly. But when we began the journey of preparing our house for sale and looking for a house in the country, we knew we’d be looking for a couple of livestock guardian dogs, preferably Great Pyrenees mixes. Now that we’re close to closing on our new home (November 30th – cross your paws!), we decided it was time to find our guardian puppies. We had pretty specific criteria, and I’ll break all that down for you later this week, complete with photos of these two cuties, and names. For now we’re just going to enjoy some adorable new puppy videos to make us smile on a Monday. And later today the puppies will go to the vet for shots and a check up. That said, let’s *squee* about a cute new puppy video!

Cute New Puppy Videos

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Have you ever been that emotional over a new puppy? I get it. I do. My own Hunny fell madly in love with our wee Chewy when I brought him home, but his response wasn’t this emotional. Probably because he knew in advance that I’d be bringing him home. Otherwise he might have teared up like this. Don’t tell him I told you that, m’kay?

Some people love surprises. Some people hate surprises, no matter how good they are. In which camp do you fall? I’m on the fence, but leaning toward disliking surprises. My reason is awkward and selfish. I don’t react the way good surprises merit, with tears and smiles and laughter. I’m usually just a little more shocked than anything. So I feel bad for the person doing the surprising. Weird, I know. I think I’d be just as awkward if surprised with a puppy. So I’m going to enjoy other people’s tearful, joyful responses. Like that cute girl who can’t believe she got a new puppy. Or this one.

And OH MY GOSH – the very cutest puppy ever is our last video. I have a soft spot for Australian Shepherds.

Those are the greatest socks ever. Fer real.

Winner, Winner

Now that we’ve all gotten new puppy fever out of our systems (or have decided it’s time to get a new puppy for our selves), let’s turn to what really makes this blog tick – delicious all natural treat giveaways! Jones Natural Chews gives dogs yummy meat treats which are grown and made in the USA. Our giveaways happen every two weeks, and the current giveaway is our Lamb Lung Puffs, a single ingredient treat which makes dogs drool. And who is the winner this time? Why it’s …

Elizabeth Brooks! Congratulations, Elizabeth! Your dogs will be so happy!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the start of another giveaway, with more of the very latest treats from Jones Natural Chews! I just love it when we give away treats that y’all have not tried yet, and these new ones are fantastic! Now go, treat your dog to happiness. Give it Jones Natural Chews.

Spreading the good chews …


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