PACT Emergency Pet Foster

PACT Emergency Pet Foster

BlogPaws was super busy for me this year, what with the duck handling around the clock, but I managed to connect with an organization that touched my heartstrings. Up front, here’s who and what they are:

PACT for provides emergency foster care for pets of people in hospitals or military personnel. We are a national, non-profit organization that personally connects life-saving foster placements through our pre-screened foster network. We do all the work, from finding a home that can take the pet, to getting the pet there and making sure they can stay, to helping with the heartwarming reunion at the end.

Is that not an amazing group? How many times have you seen enraging posts on FaceCrack talking about people whose dogs will go to the pound because of X,Y or Z? And it’s always designed to get your attention, make you angry, hopefully spur you to action. Well guess what? You don’t need to get angry! Or respond to click bait. What you need is to connect with PACT Emergency Pet Foster.

As you can imagine, our needs for funding and foster homes throughout the U.S. is immense! … encourage people to donate or volunteer to this life-saving mission that really affects everyone. Who can say they will never be hospitalized, or that someone will always be there for their pets? PACT for Animals exists to make sure that an unexpected crisis never means we have to lose our best friends forever.

This is so much better than having to step in with too little too late. By the time the posts make it to facebook, someone is gone, the dogs have been traumatized, someone is being shamed. PACT for Animals steps in to prevent as much of that as possible. Emergency pet foster is necessary. They make it happen.

I can hear you thinking, “How do I help? Where do I sign up? This is great!” It is great! And you can help by opting to be an emergency pet foster home – taking in animals. You can help by donating to PACT, since their service is free to people in need. You can help if you’re a veterinarian. There are so many things you can do to help with emergency pet foster. This is definitely an idea whose time has come. Thank you, PACT for Animals, for being a vital player in emergency pet foster.

So reach out to PACT for Animals. Ask what you can do to help. Besides foster homes, there are transportation needs. PACT is based in Pennsylvania, but they’re a nationwide organization. There are monetary needs. Pop over to this page and see what you can do. You won’t regret it.

Emergency pet foster program, PACT
Solstice is the emergency pet foster from the video above. She was well cared for because of PACT for Animals.

Thanks for stopping by today. And thanks for considering helping PACT, a worthwhile organization linking dogs and families all over the country. Now hug your own dog and give it a Jones Natural Chew, then go back up and click on some links!

Until I write again …


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