Part 2: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Part 2: Tribute to Robert L. Jones

Today is the second part of our “Tribute to Dad” series, where we get a glimpse at Robert L. Jones’ life as a devoted father, husband and founder of Jones Natural Chews. Dean Jones, vice president of production for the company, shares childhood memories of working side-by-side with Robert to help build the Jones family business.


I feel very fortunate to have been brought up from a very young age working alongside my Dad. He was a role model who taught us how to run a successful family business while maintaining high morals and integrity. He had the wisdom to mentor each one of us in a unique way to match our individual skills and strengths.

He set standards to follow from the beginning, such as being the first one to work and the last one to leave. He set the pace for everyone to keep up with, just as he was taught from his father’s meat processing business. Watching my Dad work a grueling job for long hours, handling every difficult situation thrown at him, and wanting his children to work alongside him allowed us to learn through his real-life example.

The day he retired was bittersweet for all of us. If anyone deserved the opportunity to take a step back and relax, it was our father. At the same time, his presence at the business would be sorely missed.


I feel fortunate to have not only been raised by my Dad, but to have the honor of working beside him and learning from him for over three decades, allowing me to get to know him in ways most children never have the opportunity.

Robert & Dean picture
Dean (right) with his father, Robert

My father and his faith are the cornerstone on which everything at Jones Natural Chews – and at home – have been built. His wisdom and tenacious, no-quit attitude guided Jones Natural Chews through the difficult early years to not only survive but prosper into the leading manufacturer of all-natural, Made in the USA dog treats it is today.

Robert L. Jones left large shoes to fill. I am proud to have the opportunity to try.

Thanks, Dad.

Dean Jones

Vice President, Production

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