Patriotic Pups: The Importance of Made in America Products

Patriotic Pups: The Importance of Made in America Products

American pride comes in a variety of forms, including purchasing USA made products. In a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey, 8 in 10 Americans said they would rather buy a U.S.-made product, either for consumer trust, economic and social concerns or a healthy national manufacturing sector.

Whether you believe buying American-made products supports the American economy and workers or furthers your sense of patriotism, there is a degree of quality and safety that comes with the USA-made certification label, especially in regards to food. The Federal Trade Commission has issued standards for products with this label, indicating they must only be of U.S. origin, as well as strict regulations for products sold for human consumption. At Jones Natural Chews, we believe what we feed our pets should be held to the same standards.

It’s no secret that the best way for most pet owners to provide adequate nutrition for their pets is to feed them high quality commercial food, and with so many options, how do we know what’s really going in our four-legged friends’ bowls? Aside from reading the ingredient labels, here’s a starter: look for the USA-made label.

After so many recalls from outsourced products, especially Chinese imported ingredients, more and more pet food consumers in the United States are no longer putting their trust in foods or treats from outside the US. Furthermore, many pet experts recommend choosing an American-based food manufacturer for specific quality control measures to assure the consistency and quality of the pet food. So, buying American-made products not only supports the economy but supports the health of your loved pets.

It is important to be aware that although American-made pet products are less likely to contain toxic ingredients, they still can incorporate low-quality or rendered ingredients, such as chemicals or animal byproducts. The AAFCO regulates animal feed and pet food requirements, but the standards are far less strict than products for human consumption, making it up to us to figure out what we’re really serving our dogs.

For the best nutrition for your pet, look for both the USA-made label and a brand that treats dog food like human food — only natural, real ingredients without added chemicals, byproducts or artificial flavors.

Jones Naturals Chews prides itself on our top-quality, delicious and natural bones, chews and treats that are Made in the USA with 100% USA-sourced ingredients, so you can feel confident giving your dog the best. Produced by hardworking Americans, Jones Naturals products are born, raised, sourced and processed exclusively in America, all with a deep-rooted work-ethic and a common love of dogs. Stemming from a long history of meat butchers, 6 generations later, we treat our dog products with the same care and regulations as we did for humans.

Let freedom ring the next time you’re serving your pup with the patriotism and assurance that comes from that USA-made label, and make sure what’s on Fido’s plate is the same quality as yours.

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