Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Have you heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? It seems that phrase originated with a marketing guru about a hundred years ago, but people have taken to it like ducks to water. The fellow who penned it claimed it was an ancient Chinese proverb. He lied, but I think that there’s truth to the saying. Let’s take a look at a picture and you tell me what it says to you. I’ll try to tell you what I think of it in less than a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words - Tusk and his new best friend, the Stuffed Hoff from Jones Natural Chews
This picture is worth thousand words and some drool

This picture says to me that little Tusk has found his new best friend for life. Sadly for Tusk, he ate the filling out of it in about a week. Also sadly, he’ll chew up that hoof in a month or so. His new best friend will be no more. Happily for Tusk, Jones Natural Chews is carried in Atwoods feed store, as well Tractor Supply, both just a couple of miles from his house. I don’t know when either will start carrying Stuffed Hooves, but Tusk’s mama can also order them online from Natural Dog Treat Shop, or Jeffers Pet.

See how this works? Some marketing strategist creates a saying which allows me to market my new favorite all natural dog treat! And I like this game. Let’s try again.

Say Cheese!

Dogs of Jones - Making dogs smile is what we do best
Making dogs smile is what we do best.

How precious is this face?!? This is a very happy dog. He’s a livestock guardian dog, an Anatolian, and he loves his people and loves his job. He lives outside because he has a job to do (guarding the livestock), but he loves his job. When we visit the homestead, he seeks us out. Me, because he knows I bring the very best treats, and my Hunny, because he gives great ear scratches. What more can a dog ask from life than a great job, great treats and ear scratches? Really, what more can any of us ask than that? I’d smile, too. What does this photo say to you?

Puppy Love

Scooby the Chihuahua pup loves Jones Natural Chews Stuffed Hooves
Scooby the Chihuahua puppy meets his first Jones Natural Chew

This feisty puppy met his very first Jones Natural Chew when I visited. Turns out he loves them. Naturally. But look at those eyes! That’s a fan for life right there. Can you see his little pink tongue sampling the Stuffed Hoof? This picture is worth a thousand words and then some. It speaks to a lifetime of love and enjoyment.


Has your dog discovered the all natural yum of Jones Natural Chews? If not, now is the time to enter our Stuffed Hooves giveaway! All you have to do to enter is click this sentence, click the giveaway box in the new post which will open, then click to comment, leave a comment, and click I Commented! But this treat is SO good that you’ll want to tweet about it daily. Because your dog wants this treat. So what are you waiting for? DO IT!

Spreading the good chews …


2 thoughts on “Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. my girls would love the insides but they have never liked the hard chews. they cant have them anyway b/c of their tiny teeth and they have some teeth problems

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