Pomeranian, Breed of the Week

Pomeranian, Breed of the Week

Pomeranian, Breed of the Week

Pomeranians are little dogs, purse size dogs. A Pomeranian is a sweet dog. Mostly. I met a super cute one just last week. Today’s post is gently recycled – I’ve met some super sweet Pomeranian’s since the writing of this post, as well as some yappy brats. As with children, I blame the parents for personality defects.

A Pomeranian and a Beefy Straight Crown
Bailey is a 6 year old Pomeranian. While technically she is a small dog, she’s pretty big for a Pom. And she loves the Beefy Straight Crown.

This Pomeranian was adopted as a puppy in order to be a purse dog for her mama. Bailey comes from tiny stock. Bailey is not tiny. She is three times the size of Tito, the other Pomeranian of my acquaintance with this cut.

Cute dog!
This pup is real. He is a Pomeranian with a lion cut. I could put him in my pocket, he’s so tiny! This is Tito.

Pepper Pom, though, seems to be a little larger. Do y’all know Pepper Pom? Her mama, Angel, will probably be at Bark World next week, so I’ll be posting more photos eventually.

Cute Pomeranian
Pepper, the Pomeranian of Angel, is cute, but doesn’t seem to care for other dogs. She does love her stroller!

Let’s Talk About the Pomeranian

Let’s talk about the Pomeranian. It’s a small dog, often cut to look like a puppy or a teddy bear. Sometimes, like Miss Pepper, left with long fur. The AKC has this to say about the breed’s history:

The breed’s name originally came from the historical region of Pomerania (now present day Germany and Poland). Originally weighing nearly 30 pounds, the dog served as an able herder of sheep in its larger form. They were not well known until 1870, when the Kennel Club (England) recognized the so-called Spitz dog. In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with a Pomeranian in Florence, Italy, and brought the specimen back to England, influencing its popularity dramatically.

Thirty pounds! Well. The tiny things I’ve seen have weighed in at five pounds, from the look of them. And the personality – I think it’s easy for them to develop small dog syndrome, ruling their world with a bark. Otherwise they make great companion dogs. Energetic companion dogs what want to be with their people.

Pomeranian cutie patootie
Isn’t this the cutest widdle face you ever want to see on a widdle puppy dog?!?

Some ways which Dog Breed Info describe the Pomeranian are:

  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Companion
  • Show dog
  • Docile
  • Affectionate
  • Alert
  • Inquisitive
  • Independent

This sounds like a great lap dog, a great companion for someone living alone, or someone who can take their dog with them to work. The perfect tiny pet. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Intelligent – this makes the Pomeranian easy to train and teach TRICKS!
  • A loyal companion – very affectionate, probably with a quick tongue for letting you know you’re loved
  • Good watchdogs – as loyal as this breed is, and as much as they love to bark, no one is coming near you without your knowledge
  • Great apartment dogs
  • Long lives – about 15 years


  • Like any toy breed, the Pomeranians can develop Small Dog Syndrome, barking excessively and being the alpha dog, but this really depends on the owner, from the very first day, and how the dog is trained and treated
  • Health – quite a few health issues are listed for this breed
  • Coat – the long double coat needs plenty of grooming, but this is easily remedied with the cut you saw on Tito and Bailey
Cute Pomeranian
Bailey is not a puppy – that’s tough for me to wrap my head around
  • Picky eaters – they can be

Is the Pomeranian the Right Dog For Me?

To sum up, the Pomeranian is a tiny toy dog, capable of being a circus performer, a great companion dog, loyal, with a lot of fur. This might just be the dog for you.

And because I like this game, I think that the Pomeranian might enjoy Jones Wooferman chews, or maybe the Windee Rings. Miss Bailey is a huge fan of the Beef Liver Taffy. She wouldn’t leave me alone, so I had to leave a bag of it with her mama.

Spreading the good chews …


18 thoughts on “Pomeranian, Breed of the Week

  1. Well Flea those things all sounded just like me, all you have to do is switch the pictures around. Well, accept we are not picky about our treats that mom gives us, Margaret is but she is a idiot.
    stella rose

  2. So Miss Pepper has been kind enough to explain some really interesting details about Pomeranian size and why she’s a big Pom to me before on Twitter. There was a word for it, which escapes my mind right now. It was really interesting, maybe she can explain it at BarkWorld!
    Ann “Paws” Staub recently posted..Chicken Lickin’ Good!My Profile

  3. Hi Pals! That’s me in that photo! BOL!! Yes I am a big Pom, at 13 pounds, I am equal to 2 standard Poms. The term Ann mentioned is “ancestral throwback”. They are the large Poms (over 10 pounds). A standard Pom is 3 to 7 pounds. I am very picky about my dog pals in furson, so in general I am not dog friendly. However, there are some dogs who I do like, such as Davinia, and about a dozen others I’ve met. I am very vocal in a dog environment, but I am trained to be quiet in a human only environment. You’d think I was 2 different dogs when you see how different I act when no other animals are in the room. BOL! See y’all at BarkWorld!
    PepperPom recently posted..Super Gravy – Pet Product Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Hi Flea,

    I love poms, they’re so cute – I love Pepper too, and I’m trying really hard to get on her list of doggies she likes, maybe in Vegas she’ll finally take a shine to me if she goes to Blogpaws next time?

    Have a fun day

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy@snoopysdogblog recently posted..Stop messing with me!My Profile

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