Rescue Saves Lives

Rescue Saves Lives

Rescue Saves Lives

I wasn’t going to post today. I had nothing to say. Then a friend posted the following video. Rescue saves lives. We know that, don’t we, us dog people? But this video is about a rescue dog saving a man’s life. It resonated with me. I understand his struggle, to some small degree. It caused me to pause and wonder if my own dogs might not save my life from this cancer which is eating me. So if you’ll excuse me, while you’re watching the video, I’m going to shower, dress, and walk my own dogs.

Before you watch, grab some tissues. You’ll need them. And you’re welcome.

Peety was a great dog.

The Giveaway

Before you go, please take a moment and enter the Jones Natural Chews giveaway? We’re giving one lucky dog a Spring Fling, chock full of all natural, single ingredient treats. Tweet daily to improve your chances at winning. Then give your dog a Jones Natural Chew and take a walk together.

Spreading the good chews …


5 thoughts on “Rescue Saves Lives

  1. Oh my, what an incredibly touching story. Good thing you suggested having tissues nearby. That’s what I love about my pups – they keep me in shape and on my toes!!!

    Hope your energy levels will be replenished soon. XoXo

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