Silent Dog Fight

Silent Dog Fight

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Since I’m never wordless, I thought I’d do the next best thing and bring you a dog fight. A nearly silent one. My wee pups fight hard, but they do so quietly. You almost don’t know that they’re having a rousing game of bitey face unless you stumble on it happening.

Silent dog fight on the couch
Chewy and Gadget having a silent dog fight on the couch, next to mama. I gave them Jones Natural Chewswhen they wore each other out.

The following video is the tiny dogs playing bitey face. It’s not quite a silent dog fight, especially since big Flash is weighing in in the background. He does that a lot – gets worked up that the little dogs are having fun and complains about it.

The silent dog fight is actually an amazing thing. One of the reasons my mom wanted a second small dog was so her Honey would have a playmate. Honey and Chewy play hard every time they’re together, so the reasoning was that another toy male would be the perfect companion dog for Miss Honey.

Shih Tzu
Miss Honey is a pampered pooch. She loves to be held. She loves a Jones Natural Chews. But she doesn’t love rude, pushy dogs.

Not so. Between Gadget’s health issues and dominance issues, he shoved Honey away. In the months he lived with them, he played with Honey exactly once. She attempted to engage him in play numerous times and he refused. So to see Chewy and Gadget play hard has been heartwarming.

Bitey face on the couch
They spent ten minutes quietly playing bitey face while I read. Silly dogs.

I can only speculate about why the two play so hard all day when he refused to play with Honey. Two big dogs in the house, so the small ones unite in play. Chewy being male instead of female. Chewy being young and not willing to back down from Gadget. Whatever it is, I’m glad for both dogs that they have a playmate.

Gadget has been getting along quite well, all things considered. I still find poop by the front door if I’ve left the house for any length of time (it’s a thing for him that won’t ever change, and I’m okay with that). He’s picking up Chewy’s bad habits. And he LOVES the Jones Natural ChewsI give him when he sits. We’re working on Down, but someone in his previous life taught him Sit. I really should try out some other commands and see what he knows.

So do your dogs play bitey face? Do you have more than one dog? If not, does your dog have a best friend they play with when they get together? And do you reward your dog with Jones Natural Chews? Heh. That was almost a sneaky question. In fact, I need to wrap this up so I can go give my four dogs some Jones Natural Chews They’ve been very quiet all morning and haven’t barked at the neighbors once. For four dogs, that’s quite a feat.

Until I write again …


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  1. Mom says dogs are a lot like humans, we simply don’t mesh with everyone. We like some dogs better than others, prefer to play differently with different dogs or not at all. Those two were just not a match in the personality dept. but you couldn’t know it ahead of time.
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