Are You a Social Media Junkie?

Are You a Social Media Junkie?

Are You a Social Media Junkie?

Is every dog blogger – every blogger – a social media junkie? Being a social media junkie myself, I automatically want to plug all bloggers into that round hole. But some of us are square pegs, yes? So I’m asking the question, if you blog and are not actively involved with some other sort of social media, why the heck aren’t you?

Edgar Allan Pug, Instagram Star
Meet Edgar Allan Pug, an Instagram star and friend of Jones Natural Chews

I understand that some of you have lives (whatever THAT is). Some of you, a lot of you, have real jobs (oh PLEASE). Some of you just don’t like all the drama found on social media like FaceCrack (drama-free zones are for wimps – pull up your big girl panties and jump in!). And some of you think social media like Twitter is just too fast paced or limited (pick up the pace and jump in!).

Farmer's Wife with a Chainsaw - some days being a social media junkie comes with drawbacks
Some days being a social media junkie has its drawbacks. That’s why God made chainsaws.

Not Everyone is Cut Our for Multi Platform

I get it. I get that we’re not all social media junkies. I guess I’m whining today because I’d like to see more of you in places outside of your blogs. Where are you located in cyber space? How do you promote your blog? Is it simply by commenting on other blogs? Do you join blog hops? Do you attend conferences? Or do you just put yourself out there in your posts?

Yes, putting yourself out there in posts can be like standing in front of a crowd in your underwear to give a speech. I’m hoping that as you blog for a bit, you feel more and more clothed. Unless being nekkid is a kind of freedom for you and the freedom becomes intoxicating the more you blog. I get that, too.

Dog meme
Flash doesn’t always understand that social media requires a lot of couch time. He really only understands treats. And really only Jones Natural Chews.

But if you’re not involved in social media outside of your blog, and you don’t have the very real constraints I mentioned above holding you back, consider dipping your toes into the social media stream. Start slowly. I’m going to help you.

Sleepy Pug
Being a social media junkie means being awake. Gotta stay on top of the latest trends! Follow everyone you can! No naps! Well, some naps …

Let’s Connect Online!

Today is an opportunity! Connect with me, a social media junkie, and I’ll help you find your way around. I’m not perfect at this by any stretch – I have favorites when it comes to venue. But if you’re looking to meet like-minded people, put yourself and your blog out there to find an audience, build a platform, let’s get to it. You don’t have to jump into everything (can we say burnout?). Pick one. Talk to me via email and we’ll figure out which platform might best suit you.

I’m on Facebook as Jones Natural Chews, as well as Felicia Christenson (Felicia means happiness, so y’all hush). On Twitter you can find me as @Joneschews. On Google+ I’m Flea Christenson. Instagram is @JonesChews. Hmm. Oh! On Pinterest I’m Feliciia Christenson. And on Etsy I’m The Good Flea. There’s more, but these are good starting places. Talk to me. We’ll go places together. And please! Feel free to share your social media names in the comments! Let’s all get to know each other a little better.


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Spreading the good chews …


14 thoughts on “Are You a Social Media Junkie?

  1. I have you covered already on instagram, fb and twitter. I kind of go in waves. For a while I will be really into fb, then I hit pinterest hard, twitter is my least fav, although I was really into it for a few months a while back and built up a good follower base. I think when spring hits we will do more with instagram. Right now we think about it a lot outside on walks, but it is too cold and difficult to try to get the phone out with gloves, three dogs, snow and cold. Social media is a must!
    emma recently posted..Comment on Train Your Dog Month Challenge | GBGV by Panda the BostonMy Profile

  2. bahhahahahah….we love that grouchy sleepy face of ole Margaret Mae, that is Margaret Mae isn’t it…sometimes it is hard to tell. Yes, I myself Flea have our very own facebook page, which i think is legal in facebook legalese but who cares….stella rose

  3. I’m on FaceBook as you know, I do have a Pinterest account but rarely go there, a tiny bit of Google+, I don’t do Twitter or Instagram….Once in a while I promote my blog on FB, but rely mainly on commenting on other blogs and blog hops. Since my blog doesn’t make any money, I really don’t care about all these places that suck my time.

    I’ve heard Sulia is catching on….Oh, no, not another one! 😉
    Taryn recently posted..Sometimes Words Fail MeMy Profile

  4. I joined Facebook kicking and screaming because friends and family members were quite insistent. I think I joined Twitter and someone else set up a Pinterest page for me, but I don’t know what to do with it. Yes, I’m definitely and unsocial media type but it all seems quite formidable.
    jan recently posted..Possibly the worst dog commercial–everMy Profile

  5. Hello my name is Marquie and I’m completely and totally addicted to Instagram. Is there any other social media platform? Certainly not one as great as Instagram. ;P I’m on Facebook too and love it, I’ve met some great people through Facebook that I don’t think I would’ve met through my blog alone. I’m also on Twitter and use it mostly for sharing my blog posts, other blog posts that I read and enjoyed, and my Instagram photos of course. 😉 I’m also on Google+ but I really dislike that one. It’s boring and confusing, but “+1″ing stuff is great fun. Haha. I have Pinterest too, but I don’t get on there much because I get sucked into the black hole that is pinning stuff.

    On Facebook I’m Loved By A Collie. On Twitter I’m @twocolliesmutt (but I’ll be changing that soon to reflect my new blog). On Instagram I’m marquieandpetal. I’m pretty sure I’m Marquie J. on both Google+ and Pinterest.

    I’m gonna go follow you now! 😀
    Marquie recently posted..We chose snow over breakfastMy Profile

  6. As you know, I’m on facebook – although i’ve been trying to cut back. I’m on Google+ but don’t go on there that often cuz I don’t totally get it. I’m on Twitter – but I don’t really like Twitter that much. I posted my first pic to Instagram today, so there’s that. And I signed up for a Vine account but have done nothing with it. I have a Pinterest a/c but I had to step away as it’s SUCH a time suck. So many social outlets… so little time!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Barks and Bytes: Beasts on Beds and BestsellersMy Profile

  7. As far as social media, I like Facebook the best. I have all the accounts, but I find that one the easiest. It is difficult to find time for it all though. I wish the Pages phone app would let me see my newsfeed…don’t understand why it doesn’t.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Aerial AcrobaticsMy Profile

  8. I’m just working to get back to the blogging, but yeah I can from time to time be a social media junkie. The big problem is I often have those real world problems like my day job. Hopefully I can get back into the groove here with a few blog posts and back to commenting on the other pet blogs.
    Colby recently posted..Puppies Are Taking Over Super Bowl CommercialsMy Profile

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