Stuffed Hooves – All Natural Dog Treats

Stuffed Hooves – All Natural Dog Treats

Stuffed Hooves – All Natural Dog Treats

Jones Natural Chews is always coming up with new ways to make dogs happy. It’s my job to tell you about them, as well as to spread the joy by doling out all natural dog treats. Today’s post is one of my favorite ways to do that – a giveaway! And the latest treat from Jones is one which I personally have been begging for for forever – Stuffed Hooves. I met a cute two pound puppy last week and made him happy with our Stuffed Hooves.

Tusk the Shih Tzu mix loves Jones Natural Chews
I gave Tusk a tiny piece of Sausage Stick from Jones and he was a happy dog.

Tusk is a Shih Tzu mix, only eight weeks old. He’s the first dog his family has ever had, and he has them all wrapped around his little paw. But as you well know, puppies teethe. They gnaw and chew and bite! Tusk is no different, even at two pounds, so he needs a great chew treat which is good for dental health, and one he’d enjoy gnawing on for weeks to come. The Stuffed Hooves are the perfect dental health chew for teething puppies. Just ask Tusk.

Tusk vs the Stuffed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews
Tusk circled this Stuffed Hoof forever trying to figure out how to get the yummy filling out

Why is a Hoof a Great Puppy Teether?

The Hoof itself is a great puppy teether. Hooves are cartilage, not bone, so the splintering factor is greatly reduced. Because it’s cartilage, it’s not as hard as bone, and gums up a little as it’s chewed, but it’s still hard enough to scrub those puppy teeth and gums just like a toothbrush. The Hoof is easy to fill with other ingredients to entice a puppy – a tiny swipe of peanut butter inside is enough to get a dog chewing. Or you could just buy the Stuffed Hooves and keep your dog occupied longer.

If you can't chew it, lick it - Stuffed Hooves from Jones Natural Chews
If you can’t chew it, lick it – Stuffed Hooves from Jones Natural Chews

That’s all provided your puppy can actually chew this Hoof. Poor little Tusk has a tiny mouth and is a tiny dog. He’s a problem solver, though, and he’s growing, so it will just take him longer to eat all of the filling. I told his mom to only give it to him for five to ten minutes a day until the filling is gone.

My Chewy, a 13 pound lap dog with a small mouth, ate the filling in about half an hour. I probably should have taken it away halfway through, since it’s a substantial amount of filling for such a small dog.

What’s in Stuffed Hooves?

So now you’re probably asking yourself what this magical filling is. I asked the same thing, and because they’re so new, we had to dig for answers. Here’s the list of ingredients:

  • beef hoof
  • chicken
  • cane sugar
  • molasses
  • water
  • vegetable glycerin
  • rye flour
  • rice flour
  • citric acid
  • buffered white distilled vinegar
  • vegetable oil
  • mixed tocopherols (preservative)
  • lecithin
  • rosemary extract

There are more ingredients than other Jones Natural Chews, but only by one, and every single ingredient is natural, not artificial. They’re also grown and sourced in the USA. And this ingredient list made my dogs smile, as well as little Tusk.

Puppy teether - Stuffed Hooves from Jones Natural Chews
Tusk is a problem solver. He’ll figure out how to extract the meaty goodness from this Stuffed Hoof using his tiny puppy mouth


Here’s the part of the post where I make your dog smile! If you leave a comment on this post, then click on the box below to mark that you did, you’re entered to win! Well, you can click the box and it’ll guide you through the comment thingy. I’d encourage you to tweet and follow if you really want to win. Adds points. Makes your dog smile. Honest to Pete.

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Now go! Do the clicky thingy. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


27 thoughts on “Stuffed Hooves – All Natural Dog Treats

  1. How fun – I put peanut butter inside of my dog toys for my smaller dogs when we leave the house. It gives them something to do when we leave and helps take their minds off the fact that I’m gone. At least for a little bit.

  2. my youngest is now 7, so it was 7 yrs ago, i flew to Fl. for the day and picked up my little gal from my breeder. i got her 1st cousin the yr b4. she was not planned. i had always wanted her mother but the breeder would not sell her b/c she was sooo beautiful. when she bred her, she had complications and had to have a c-section, she had 5 little gals. my breeder would not breed her mother again, so i knew this was my only chance at getting one of her puppies. so the breeder picked out the one that was most like her mom in looks and personality. her mother was a singlet.

  3. Ha! I commented before I read what we were supposed to do! We brought a German Shepherd home with us about 2 months ago. Love her to death.

  4. Bought my Boston Terrier off craigslist from a nice family with nice dogs two and a half years ago. COuldn’t have asked for a better family companion! He LOVES hooves, so stinky but the healthy treats usually are.

  5. I’ve only brought home a puppy once and that was eight years ago. We talked about a little puppy-a-roo from the animal shelter.

  6. It has been awhile. We are grieving the passing of one of our three dogs. When some time passes we will look for another.

  7. Last time I brought home a puppy was Apr, 2007 when Lil’ Miss Izzie was 12 wks old. She came to me from her breeder in Mo.

  8. Our pupper has been with us for a few years now. She’s a part of the family and I can’t imagine not having her.

  9. Brought my Adorable Pomston puppy “Ella Marie” home last November. She just turned ONE in August! Glad I found this blog/website flea. Not sure if I entered the contest correctly tho….:'(
    My EllaBella lovesss pig ears, and water buffalo hooves. Would love a stuffed one! I’ll have to check out Jones products next time we are at large pet store in town. Haven’t seen them….but didn’t specifically look for Jones-brand either. Not sure if it’s around me. Guess I could order online.
    Best regards
    Andy…Buffalo, NY

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