The Rat Terrier, a Multipurpose Dog

Rat Terrier checks out the Shank Bone

Rat Terrier, A Multipurpose Dog So I looked up the Rat Terrier on the AKC Breed page and the first sentence says this: The Rat Terrier is a multipurpose companion dog that is capable of hunting rodents and vermin above and below ground as well as coursing small game. This is the first time, writing … Read moreThe Rat Terrier, a Multipurpose Dog

Pyrenean Shepherd – Taken by Surprise

Pyr Shep at the Tulsa AKC Dog Agility Championships

Pyrenean Shepherd I was taken by surprise, this weekend at the AKC Dog Agility Championships, by a Pyrenean Shepherd. I came around a corner and this most adorable little dog was sitting at the end of a leash, tongue out, looking at me, waiting to be petted. Of course I immediately asked what kind of dog … Read morePyrenean Shepherd – Taken by Surprise

Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster at the Piers - Westminster agility

Westminster Agility The road to Westminster is a long one. A tough road for both dog and handler. Westminster agility adds another layer of work. Well worth the work, though, for both. This morning a friend sent me a clip from the agility portion which happened this weekend, so I went hunting for the dog … Read moreWestminster Agility, FBM 212

Border Collie, Breed of the Week

Begging Border Collie

Border Collie, Breed of the Week Is the Border Collie the dog for you? Let’s take a close look at this breed and see what makes it tick. First, some basics. The Border Collie is: A herding dog A medium size dog A shedding dog An active dog with a ton of energy Highly intelligent … Read moreBorder Collie, Breed of the Week

Welsh Corgi, Two for One

Black tri Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi Today’s breed of the week, the Welsh Corgi, is a sweet deal. I’ll be covering both the Pembroke and the Cardigan variations. Mostly because I had no idea what the differences were in the two types of Corgis and have always felt like a fool trying to identify them. You too? Phew! Say … Read moreWelsh Corgi, Two for One

An Agility Dilemma

Wiry dog

Agility Dilemma I have an agility dilemma. The AKC National Agility Trials are being held in Tulsa this weekend. I want to go, to take photos of handsome agility dogs. Like this one. That’s a Pyrenean Shepherd, by the way. But I’m undergoing chemo and radiation. I’m not sure my oncologist would approve of me … Read moreAn Agility Dilemma

Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Jimmy in a Bow Tie

Trick or treat training to win treats – what a mouthful! But that’s what we’re doing today. Giving each of you an opportunity to learn a trick and win a treat for your dog! Jodi, of Kol’s Notes, and Jessica, of Beagles and Bargains, are hosting the Trick or Treat blog hop to make this … Read moreTrick or Treat Training to Win Treats

5 Habits of Successful Dogs

Dog dietary issues aren't lost on Patches

Today we discuss the 5 habits of successful dogs. What is a successful dog? you ask. We’re going to compare and contrast to successful people and see how it plays out. Maybe we’ll both understand successful dogs when we’re done. Right up front, though, a successful dog is one which wins the Jones Natural Chews … Read more5 Habits of Successful Dogs

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