I Signed Up to Volunteer

Aussie mix puppies

I Signed Up to Volunteer I signed up to volunteer at a Humane Society shelter. I did it, y’all. And I left without a dog, to boot. Let me tell you how it all went down, in case you’re thinking of volunteering at your local Humane Society. Oh, fair warning – photos are fuzzy. Snapping … Read moreI Signed Up to Volunteer

Shelter Awareness

Shelter awareness is a year long thing

Shelter Awareness I have a big fat confession to make. Wednesdays are supposed to be shelter awareness days. I made that decision. And aside from my one trip to the local shelter to adopt Bosco the cat, I haven’t been back. Because I’m a coward. Y’all, it was everything I could do not to walk … Read moreShelter Awareness

Breed of the Week – the Mutt

Waiting for a Jones chew

The Mutt I’m sure you noticed Axle in yesterday’s post. Isn’t he a handsome Mutt? We’re featuring the Mutt as a breed today because someone has to represent them, right? This particular Mutt was rescued after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. He was a shelter dog prior to the storm and his shelter was destroyed by … Read moreBreed of the Week – the Mutt

Abandoned Chickens

Black sex link urban chicken

Abandoned chickens – are they a problem? Jones Natural Chews is concerned with animals and their welfare, and especially with the animal-human bond. We donate monthly to non-profits which help humans and their pets, like PACT for Animals, as well as to fundraisers designed to aid dogs and pets in need. But do we help … Read moreAbandoned Chickens

Flea’s 8 Photos of Happiness

Jimmy doesn't like the plaid bow tie

Emma the GBGV, and Bernard of Dog and His Boy, both tagged me in the 8 Photos of Happiness, begun by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet. Here are the rules: 1. Thank your nominator(s) and link to their blog(s). 2. Link to the creator of the event. 3. Post your eight photos of happiness. … Read moreFlea’s 8 Photos of Happiness

PACT Emergency Pet Foster

Emergency pet foster program, PACT

BlogPaws was super busy for me this year, what with the duck handling around the clock, but I managed to connect with an organization that touched my heartstrings. Up front, here’s who and what they are: PACT for Animals.org provides emergency foster care for pets of people in hospitals or military personnel. We are a national, … Read morePACT Emergency Pet Foster

Why Ducklings?

Chemo treatment makes me sleep JUST LIKE THIS

Every year at BlogPaws I’m asked the same question about a million times – Why do you have *insert type of baby fowl here* at BlogPaws, in a Jones Natural Chews dog treat booth? This year it was Why Ducklings? Allow me to show and tell. If you’ve been here long, you probably already know. 😉 … Read moreWhy Ducklings?

BlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

Big Things Planned - Louie the French Dog at BlogPaws

Welcome to Nashville!! Jones Natural Chews will be updating Twitter and Facebook from BlogPaws! Today I’ll just be running a few photos by you. First? Driving through Nashville in pouring rain, this place caught my eye. Laura and I set up the booth last night. We saw plenty of dogs at the BlogPaws meet’n’greet. And … Read moreBlogPaws Meet’n’Greet

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