Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster at the Piers - Westminster agility

Westminster Agility The road to Westminster is a long one. A tough road for both dog and handler. Westminster agility adds another layer of work. Well worth the work, though, for both. This morning a friend sent me a clip from the agility portion which happened this weekend, so I went hunting for the dog … Read moreWestminster Agility, FBM 212

Never Forget the Treats

I can't believe it either, Belle.

Hunny and I spent Saturday on a homestead, one of our favorite places to be. And I forgot the Jones Natural Chews. Never forget the treats. Today is Wordless Wednesday. I’m going to show y’all what it looks like when you forget the treats. My homesteading friends have at least seven dogs – three are … Read moreNever Forget the Treats

5 Great Things About the JNC Windee (Beef Trachea)

Adorable Beagle mix

Today’s post is a perennial favorite. Windees ROCK! I love at LEAST 5 great things about the Windee! What is a Windee? Why, it’s Jones Natural Chews 12″ beef trachea, made just for dogs! For a long time I thought the Windee was just for medium to large size dogs, but a tiny dachshund put … Read more5 Great Things About the JNC Windee (Beef Trachea)

Road Trip Dogs, 2

Husky/Corgi mix

Y’all, I only got about half way through the two week road trip with yesterday’s photos. And not only did I meet some gorgeous, sweet dogs, I met amazing people. I wish I could tell you all of their stories. But we’ll stick to the road trip dogs for today.   There you have it! … Read moreRoad Trip Dogs, 2

B is for Breeds

You can't replace a pet - kiss your dog

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY, GO DO IT NOW! Opens in a separate window. A big thanks to Jackie, at Pooch Smooches, for today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge idea. The hope, with this challenge, is to find new blogs, and new readers, so introducing you to the concept of what happens here … Read moreB is for Breeds

A Tale of Two Bullies

Smiling dog

February is nearly over and I don’t feel like I’ve talked enough about the Bully Bone or the Braided Bully. I love them! Do you know why I love these treats? Because they make dogs smile! C’mon – you knew I was going to say that … We love Jessie, the first dog to try … Read moreA Tale of Two Bullies

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