We Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

Beagle with a JNC Hoof, long lasting dog chews

We Found a Hoof! We try really hard NOT to find hooves, actually. Our Patches squirrels them away wherever she can hide a Hoof. My dogs aren’t chewers, but Patches LOVES a Hoof. And we found a Hoof. I’ve thrown a couple of hooves away over time, as has my Hunny, so I don’t know … Read moreWe Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

My Favorite Treat – Hoof Giveaway

Jones Natural Chews Hooves make dogs smile

The Hoof is my favorite treat. I know, I know … I say that about all of the Jones Natural Chews. And I mean it with EVERY SINGLE ONE. But I mean it more with this one. Allow me to expound? The Hoof is my favorite treat because it’s great for nearly all sizes of … Read moreMy Favorite Treat – Hoof Giveaway

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