French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

Bully N Beef from Jones Natural Chews,

French Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog one of their newer treats, the Bully N Beef Wrap! Last summer I was fortunate enough to house Louie the French Dog, exclusive model for The French Dog haute couture for lucky pups, so was able to catch him in the … Read moreFrench Bulldogs Love Bully n Beef

Windee Ring Pops for Dogs

Windee Ring Pops for Dogs - dog treat recipe

Windee Ring Pops for Dogs Last week I promised a special treat using the Jones Natural Chews Windee Rings, and today I deliver. I’m calling them Windee Ring Pops. Take a look. I gave each of the Aussies one, and it took them about five minutes to eat them. They left no mess or residue. I … Read moreWindee Ring Pops for Dogs

Smiling Dogs Love Windees

No, you let go!

Smiling Dogs My dogs are all smiling dogs this morning. Why? Because I broke out the Windees from Jones Natural Chews. Today is just photos of my smiling dogs with Windees treats. They’re completely natural, single ingredient treats. Jones makes them in different lengths (one inch, three inch, six inch, twelve inch), so I didn’t … Read moreSmiling Dogs Love Windees

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