Giving Thanks for Humor

To steal or not to steal - Jones Natural Chews - Giving thanks for humor

Giving Thanks for Humor is a gently recycled post. I’m always thankful for humor. Aren’t you? Giving Thanks for Humor Today, Thanksgiving Eve, I’m giving thanks for humor and photos and Jones chews. Not necessarily in that order. It’s also Wordless Wednesday. Woohoo! Here’s a glimpse of a couple of dogs that I’ll be featuring … Read moreGiving Thanks for Humor

Abandoned Chickens

Black sex link urban chicken

Abandoned chickens – are they a problem? Jones Natural Chews is concerned with animals and their welfare, and especially with the animal-human bond. We donate monthly to non-profits which help humans and their pets, like PACT for Animals, as well as to fundraisers designed to aid dogs and pets in need. But do we help … Read moreAbandoned Chickens

Another Meme Thursday

A Chihuahua tells a joke

The Chestnut Mutts are giving away a Jones Natural Chew! This link should open in a new window. Go enter to win! Today is another meme Thursday! I love taking photos, and I love playing with captions, but I also love when y’all step in and suggest captions! Feel free to do that at any … Read moreAnother Meme Thursday

Of Dogs and Flies

Aussie mix

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY, GO DO IT NOW!!! I am TOTALLY re-running a post from last summer! The fly problem is gearing up again and my homemade fly trap, on the patio table, is already filling up quickly. So watch and learn! And show me how many flies your trap is catching! … Read moreOf Dogs and Flies

Catching Up

Asking for advice for my little dogs

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW! On Thursdays, Heart Like a Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs host a fun Bits and Bytes blog hop. It’s designed for playing catch up. I need some catching up, here. So many random bits the last week or so that I’ve wanted to share, but don’t … Read moreCatching Up

Friday Memes

Treat! Treat! And only a Jones Natural Chew will do!

Friends, I thank you. Thank you for your heartfelt compassion after yesterday’s post. While I won’t be getting over the loss of Bosco anytime soon, y’all made my heart smile, easing the pressure some. I appreciate it more than you know. And because I love and appreciate you all (and because I’m doing stupid stuff … Read moreFriday Memes

Hounds and Hens

Spotted tripawd

Happy Wordless Wednesday! This weekend I traded one chick for two. Constance was the size of the other four chicks combined (she’s a broiler chick), so I met up with another chicken person and traded off. This chicken person had full grown beauties in her yard. And dogs! Five dogs. I didn’t catch their names. … Read moreHounds and Hens

April Fool’s Dog

If he really loved me, he'd give me a treat

Happy April Fool’s Dog! I mean, April Fool’s Day! As the blogger and social media person for Jones Natural Chews, I sometimes take it upon myself to drift into other forms of social media. This last week, I drifted into LOL Cats. Horrible, isn’t it? But I loooooove them. And they’re not always cats. So, … Read moreApril Fool’s Dog

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