A Craigslist Cautionary Tale

Handsome boy, but a Craigslist dog

A Craigslist Cautionary Tale I recently heard a Craigslist cautionary tale. I just hope I do this story justice. I’d like to tell you about a dog who didn’t care for Jones Natural Chews pig ears as much as his siblings. In fact, his little sister ate his. Little Drake, a black lab, was a … Read moreA Craigslist Cautionary Tale

Breed of the Week – the Mutt

Waiting for a Jones chew

The Mutt I’m sure you noticed Axle in yesterday’s post. Isn’t he a handsome Mutt? We’re featuring the Mutt as a breed today because someone has to represent them, right? This particular Mutt was rescued after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. He was a shelter dog prior to the storm and his shelter was destroyed by … Read moreBreed of the Week – the Mutt

Wheezer Stick Giveaway

A Lab/Heeler pup and her boy

Wheezer Stick Giveaway Today’s Wheezer Stick Giveaway post is gently recycled. I’m nearly at the point where I can start photographing dogs and treats again. I think. So we should be back up and running with new photos and such in January. But this is a legitimate giveaway, in real time, so enter below to … Read moreWheezer Stick Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway Starts Now!

The Pig Ear from Jones is great for any dog

It’s time for a Christmas giveaway! All you grouchy haters can just hush. It’s November, and y’all need to know what treats to stock up on for your puppies’ stockings, so we start today! Jones Natural Chews has some great Christmas themed treats that we’ll be giving away in stages this month, beginning with the … Read moreChristmas Giveaway Starts Now!

Enter to Win Treats!

You said I could have treats

I feel like a broken record today. There are two open giveaways happening here, and plenty of giveaways all over the blog-o-sphere, all just waiting for you to enter to win. So I have to tell you about them. Again. Because I’m leaving town tomorrow and need to say it today. So. I’m going to … Read moreEnter to Win Treats!

Twister Pizzle Treat Giveaway

Gimme that JNC Twister!

Last week I re-ran my favorite post, Just What is a Pizzle? It always make me chuckle and blush. I’m old fashioned that way. And today I introduce a fun pizzle treat that will be given away to some lucky dog, the Twister! A Twister pizzle treat is a sight to behold. The Twister pizzle … Read moreTwister Pizzle Treat Giveaway

Rocky’s Rollers Giveaway

Rocky's Rollers for your dog

GIVEAWAY IS OVER Friends! Dogs! Today is the much awaited Rocky’s Rollers giveaway! What are Rocky’s Rollers? you ask. Only the yummiest soft sausage treats for dogs on the market! Don’t believe me? Ask a dog. What’s in a Rocky’s Roller? I know you’re wondering. If you’re already familiar with Jones Natural Chews, you know … Read moreRocky’s Rollers Giveaway

Catching Up

Asking for advice for my little dogs www.dogtreatweb.com

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW! On Thursdays, Heart Like a Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs host a fun Bits and Bytes blog hop. It’s designed for playing catch up. I need some catching up, here. So many random bits the last week or so that I’ve wanted to share, but don’t … Read moreCatching Up

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