3 Signs You Might Love Boxers

The best dogs deserve the best treats

DON’T WAIT! ACT NOW! ENTER THE BOW WOW BOO BUCKET TREAT GIVEAWAY! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Today we visualize 3 signs you might love Boxers. The dogs, not the pugilists. Hmm. I wonder if the Pug dog derives its name from pugilist? That face looks like it might have taken one too many punches. But let’s … Read more3 Signs You Might Love Boxers

3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You

Dogs don't care where they come from

3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You   Dogs don’t care where they come from. It’s true. Dogs don’t care if they’re northern or southern, eastern or western, purebred or mutt, breeder or rescue, from another country, from someone’s backyard. Dogs just don’t care. Here’s what dogs do care about: A)  Having enough food B) … Read more3 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Tell You

Dog Humor on a Fun Friday

Good dogs want theirs now

It’s a Fun Friday here, and we’re going to celebrate with a little dog humor. Join me! But first, if you haven’t already, enter the all natural, all USA grown and produced treat giveaway! Your dog wants the treats, and that’s where it draws the line in humor. Dog humor is nonexistent when it comes … Read moreDog Humor on a Fun Friday

Venison Entree Sausage Giveaway

Good dogs get good treats

It’s the first Tasty Tuesday of the month, and that means a giveaway! And good news for you dog lovers out there – we’ll be bumping our giveaways up to two a month! So today it’s the Venison Entree Sausage giveaway! Rules for the giveaway will be at the bottom of today’s post. Take a … Read moreVenison Entree Sausage Giveaway

Why Your Dog Needs a Duck

The duck and the dog - what frightens your dog?

Your dog needs a duck. Face it – you’ve been thinking this for a long time. I’m the only person brave enough to tell you straight up – your dog needs a duck. You might be asking yourself the question, “Does my dog really need a duck?” Friend, yes. And let me tell you why, … Read moreWhy Your Dog Needs a Duck

A Simple Girl

French Bulldog loves Bigfoot

I’m a simple girl. I have simple tastes. I like natural things. Leather, wood, cotton, silk, meat, cheese, watermelon. Simple and cheap aren’t necessarily the same thing, yes? But simple and natural don’t have to be horribly expensive, either. Life is too short to wear polyester. I’m a simple girl. I like my dogs to be … Read moreA Simple Girl

What?! Where Are the Treats?!

The treats were good. Very good.

It’s a pretty chill Thursday. Rainy, overcast, not too hot, a swarm of locusts promises to drift up from Texas and consume our garden … And the dogs are asking, “Where are the treats?!” Where are my treats?! ask dogs everywhere. I’m just here to answer that question. Here it is: Attention dogs everywhere! Jones … Read moreWhat?! Where Are the Treats?!

A Little Schnauzer Fun

Sad little Schnauzer

Yesterday we met Tiberius and Bones, adorable Schnauzers named after Star Trek characters. We talked about the Other Ear, because yum! And giveaway! But today, this Wordless Wednesday (thanks, BlogPaws!), we’ll take a peek into some of their hijinks. I always bring other treats when I meet new dogs, and this time was no different. … Read moreA Little Schnauzer Fun

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