4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog

Loves his new bone - dog bones from Jones Natural Chews are the best! for an overheaeted dog

4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog August, the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere. Also known as the Dog Days of Summer. This time of year is when you’re most likely to have an overheated dog. No one wants that. I think dogs are getting a bum rap. I mean, my … Read more4 Ways to Avoid an Overheated Dog

What Exactly is The Other Ear?

Did I hear the treat bag open? Treat face

What Exactly Is the Other Ear? A few years back, Jones rolled out The Other Ear at Global. I hovered and listened, wondering what the heck it was. Take a look: Turns out the Other Ear is the pig chin. Pig ears were becoming more difficult to obtain at a decent cost and still be able to … Read moreWhat Exactly is The Other Ear?

Center Bones for Dogs, Giveaway

The Simple Things Matter

Center Bones for Dogs Today is Tasty Tuesday, and we’ll be discussing center bones for dogs, as well as hosting a giveaway. Jones Natural Chews has a nice variety of center bones for dogs, so I thought I’d end there. Let’s talk about the center bone in general first, shall we? The 4″ Natural Center … Read moreCenter Bones for Dogs, Giveaway

Top 6 Holiday Food Dangers for Dogs

Ivi's Dino Bone from Jones Natural Chews

How many of you love having your dogs take part in holiday festivities? If your family is anything like ours, the dogs are involved in just about … well … everything. They love taking part in food, decorating, food, opening presents, and of course, the food. Our dogs especially love when they can help either … Read moreTop 6 Holiday Food Dangers for Dogs

Best Christmas Stocking for Dogs, Giveaway!

Don't you touch my Pig Ear from Jones Natural Chews

Best Christmas Stocking for Dogs It’s a giveaway Tuesday, and today it’s the very best Christmas stocking for dogs! Have you seen the Canine Christmas Crunchers? Does a store near you carry this marvelous bag o’treats? What’s in a Canine Christmas Crunchers? The Canine Christmas Crunchers is the ideal Christmas stocking for small to medium … Read moreBest Christmas Stocking for Dogs, Giveaway!

5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

A dog and her Knee Cap

5 Reasons a Knee Cap is the All-Natural Rage Yes, I said a Knee Cap. Your dog loves Knee Caps, doesn’t it? If your dog hasn’t had a Knee Cap, then perhaps you should find a store in your area that sells Jones Natural Chews and get it one! Why, you ask? I’ll give you 5 … Read more5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

Treatment Nine in the Books!

Sit! Stay! Eat this Windee Ring from Jones Natural Chews!

Treatment Nine is Done! Woohoo! Treatment nine is over! Only three left! Only, I’m not as excited about all of this as I used to be. But this is not a whine-fest. Let’s look at the positives, yes? I’m three quarters through chemo This is my second chemo, and hopefully the last of all treatments, … Read moreTreatment Nine in the Books!

Sausage Sticks Make Dogs Smile & Giveaway

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Sausage Sticks Did you know that it’s possible to make a dog smile? It is. Jones makes dogs smile all the time. Their Sausage Sticks are just one way that they make dogs smile. I’ve seen it with my very own eyeballs. Another way to make dogs smile is to have a smiling dog, like … Read moreSausage Sticks Make Dogs Smile & Giveaway

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