Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

Duck? Dog? You Decide Yesterday Gadget pooped in the house. It’s the duck’s fault. We have an ongoing battle between duck and dog here, and often the duck wins. So you can see why our first Funny Bone Monday video appealed to me. I need one of these for Gadget. First, because he bites when … Read moreDuck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Why Ducklings?

Chemo treatment makes me sleep JUST LIKE THIS

Every year at BlogPaws I’m asked the same question about a million times – Why do you have *insert type of baby fowl here* at BlogPaws, in a Jones Natural Chews dog treat booth? This year it was Why Ducklings? Allow me to show and tell. If you’ve been here long, you probably already know. 😉 … Read moreWhy Ducklings?

Monday Mischief, The Duck Tale

He's a charmer

I know, I know – Monday Mischief is all about dogs and the trouble they get into. But Flash and Patches, at half past ten years old, just don’t get into much mischief anymore. Unless you count eating duck and chicken poo in the back yard. Or eating the first duckling Roger Ann hatched (I … Read moreMonday Mischief, The Duck Tale

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