Fidose of Reality, Pawer Women

Patches want to be on the Pawer Women list for Fidose of Reality. She swears she inspires dogs everywhere. in her journey of discovery

Fidose of Reality, Pawer Women Fidose of Reality, an amazing blog for dog lovers of a higher order, comes out with a list of Pawer Women every year. This year I’m on the list! Can you believe it? Here’s what Carol, the author of Fidose, has to say about the list: Fidose of Reality announces … Read moreFidose of Reality, Pawer Women

3 Examples of Dogs to Inspire You, FBM 148

Shorty Rossi at BarkWorld, dogs to inspire

IF YOU HAVEN’T YET, ENTER OUR CHRISTMAS CHEWERS GIFT GIVEAWAY NOW! Happy Funny Bone Monday! I just spent a long, great weekend at BarkWorld in Atlanta, learning and being inspired by people and dogs. I thought, today, I’d share some dogs to inspire you. Since I’m still traveling, I’ll be sharing more inspiration when I get … Read more3 Examples of Dogs to Inspire You, FBM 148

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