Only Two More Chemo Treatments

Sleepy Pug

Only Two More Chemo Treatments Only two. Count ’em. Two more chemo treatments. And I couldn’t BE less excited! Yeah, you read that right. This chemo treatment stuff is cumulative. It’s wearing me OUT. I’m a tired, emotional mess. And I’m ready to be done. DONE. But I really am excited about being nearly done. … Read moreOnly Two More Chemo Treatments

Knee Cap Montage

Tansy the puppy and her Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews - the perfect treat for puppies

Knee Cap Montage I’ll bet you’ve never seen a Knee Cap montage before. You’re probably muttering to your computer that you’ve never wanted to see a Knee Cap montage. Come on, now. Don’t be like that. There’s a reason for this. Really. Really really. The Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews is one of my … Read moreKnee Cap Montage

5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

A dog and her Knee Cap

5 Reasons a Knee Cap is the All-Natural Rage Yes, I said a Knee Cap. Your dog loves Knee Caps, doesn’t it? If your dog hasn’t had a Knee Cap, then perhaps you should find a store in your area that sells Jones Natural Chews and get it one! Why, you ask? I’ll give you 5 … Read more5 Reasons A Knee Cap Is the All-Natural Rage

The Knee Cap for Puppies

The Lure of the Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews

The Knee Cap for Puppies, in Photos This month we’re covering treats which are great for puppies. We’re also giving them away. The treats, not the puppies. You wish. And this first two weeks we take a look a what I believe is one of God’s greatest gifts to puppy owners everywhere – Knee Caps. … Read moreThe Knee Cap for Puppies

Spring Fling Dog Treat

Bacon roll yumminess

Spring Fling Dog Treat We highlight two treats from Jones Natural Chews every month, and this month they’re two of Jones newest treats! We took a look at the Bare Knuckle last week, so today we’ll see what’s in the Spring Fling. Let’s disassemble this yummy disk! What’s Inside the Spring Fling From Jones Natural … Read moreSpring Fling Dog Treat

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