What Exactly is The Other Ear?

Did I hear the treat bag open? Treat face

What Exactly Is the Other Ear? A few years back, Jones rolled out The Other Ear at Global. I hovered and listened, wondering what the heck it was. Take a look: Turns out the Other Ear is the pig chin. Pig ears were becoming more difficult to obtain at a decent cost and still be able to … Read moreWhat Exactly is The Other Ear?

Where Treats Come From

Dino Bones come from real cows - where treats come from

Where Treats Come From I visited the Jones Natural Chews headquarters last week and the owner took me to see where treats come from. Prepare yourselves. This month we’ve talked about the Pumpers, which are pig hearts, and the Dino Bones, which are cow leg bones. This post is gently recycled, but oh! I had … Read moreWhere Treats Come From

The Other Ear Giveaway

The Other Ear meets a Schnauzer

A little story before I tell you about the treats and giveaway. Jones sends me the monthly treats so I can photograph dogs eating or gnawing them. That’s a fun part of my job, obviously. And sometime in June, Jones sent me a box with beef shanks and Smoked Pig Ears. Ten Smoked Pig Ears. … Read moreThe Other Ear Giveaway

Pig Ear Snacks

Slightly gnawed Pig Ear Snack

OMD – Pig Ear Snacks! Y’all, I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love a Pig Ear. But small dogs shouldn’t eat an entire Pig Ear. So! There are Pig Ear Snacks! And what do I mean by small dogs? Chewy, at 12 pounds, is a small dog. I give him the Pig … Read morePig Ear Snacks

American Pig Ears, Naturally

Beautiful Border Collie

Do you know where your dog’s Pig Ears are sourced? Grown? Processed? Dogs love Pig Ears, and Jones’ Pig Ears are completely American sourced, grown and processed. What’s so special about American Pig Ears? And why do dogs love Pig Ears so much? Ask yourself why you love bacon so much and you’ll be close … Read moreAmerican Pig Ears, Naturally

P is for Pork, A to Z Challenge

Jones Pork Femur for dogs

I so badly wanted today to be P is for Poultry. But C was for chicken. So. Today’s P is for Pork! And Jones knows pork. Y’all, I think I’ve written more about the Jones chews in one month than ever, with this A to Z Challenge. Let’s see what Jones has to offer in … Read moreP is for Pork, A to Z Challenge

The Other Ear, or All Natural Pig Chin Giveaway

Handsome senior German Shepherd

THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Today’s all natural, grown and made in the USA dog treat is the Other Ear, or the pig chin. I’ve said it before, but Jones rolled out the Other Ear last year because pig ears had risen dramatically in price, which is bad for the consumer. We dog owners want … Read moreThe Other Ear, or All Natural Pig Chin Giveaway

Questions About Jones Chews

Jones Pig

It’s Follow Up Friday, a blog hop sponsored by Heart Like a Dog! I haven’t answered comment questions in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing what y’all have been asking. Why don’t y’all ask questions about Jones chews? I know those answers! Instead I get this kind of question: Did you go up … Read moreQuestions About Jones Chews

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