Lucy Pet Products Product Review

The coconut leave-in conditioner from Surfin' Jack smells just like a day at the beach!

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY? CLICK HERE AND IT WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW. Why go to events like BarkWorld and BlogPaws if not to tell you about new products upon my return? Today we talk about Lucy Pet Products. Specifically, Surfin’ Jack Coconut Leave-In Conditioner for dogs. but we’ll also talk about Lucy … Read moreLucy Pet Products Product Review

Chubbs Dog Soap – a Human Hair Product Review

Chubbs bar dog soap

As promised, today is a product review, a soap I was given at Bark World, Chubbs dog soap. It’s a pet soap, a degreaser for cats and dogs, but the woman at the booth said she uses it on her hair and body. I jumped at that, since I’ve been looking for a bar soap for … Read moreChubbs Dog Soap – a Human Hair Product Review

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