Two Schnoodles and a Schnauzer

Schnoodle begging for a treat

This weekend I hung out with two Schnoodles and a Schnauzer, all three girls. Pretty things. All three are rescue dogs of various ages. I brought them Jones Natural Chews, of course – I don’t leave home without them. Meet Lucy, whom the vet thinks is pure Schnauzer, and probably about three years old. We’ve … Read moreTwo Schnoodles and a Schnauzer

The Other Ear Giveaway

The Other Ear meets a Schnauzer

A little story before I tell you about the treats and giveaway. Jones sends me the monthly treats so I can photograph dogs eating or gnawing them. That’s a fun part of my job, obviously. And sometime in June, Jones sent me a box with beef shanks and Smoked Pig Ears. Ten Smoked Pig Ears. … Read moreThe Other Ear Giveaway

Terriers, Breed of the Week

Ricky the Terrier mix

Terriers Y’all, I have such a time telling Terriers apart. Chewy is a type of Terrier, with his probable Affenpinscher self. Gadget, my mom’s newest dog, is probably a Brussels Griffon, which is a Terrier. Jan’s dog, Ricky, is definitely a Terrier, but I have no clue what type. What Is a Terrier? So what … Read moreTerriers, Breed of the Week

Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer?


Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer? Yes, I’m thinking of getting a Schnauzer. At some point in the next year, perhaps. So we are going to learn about the Schnauzer together! My Hunny wants a lap dog, one which doesn’t shed, something intelligent and loyal, so I’m considering the Schnauzer. If you are, too, look with … Read moreThinking of Getting a Schnauzer?

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