The Curly Q – A New Treat

The Curly Q – A New Treat

Jones Natural Chews rolls out their new treats in February or March every year, and this year is a blockbuster year for new treats! I’m introducing one a month, and this month is the Curly Q!

Cutie Q - the latest all natural treat from Jones Natural Chews
Isn’t the Curly Q adorable? It’s a Steer Stick. I think you all know how I feel about the Steer Stick. *blush*

Why only one a month? New treats take awhile to get themselves into the stores. So you may or may not find the Curly Qs when you head to your favorite pet or feed store. But I’m hoping that you do! If they’re not currently stocked, just ask for them! Store owners love hearing about and trying out new treats, especially if they already carry some of the rest of the line.

Boxer with a new Curly Q treat from Jones Natural Chews
This handsome young Boxer loves the new Curly Q! One of the reasons I love this treat so is what it looks like in a dog’s mouth. It’s hilarious! My Suzy says he looks like a TaunTaun. She’s right.

What does Jones have to say about the Curly Q?

Our Curly Qs are oven baked for the best quality. Each one is 6-8″ long, 33 oz. (9.35 g), each sold in bulk and 1 pack shrink wrap. This Q is an all-natural USA beef steer pizzel with no artificial ingredients. Crude protein min 20%; Crude fat min 1%; Crude fiber max 1%; Moisture max 12%.

So the Curly Q, like all Jones Natural Chews, is 100% all natural. In fact, it’s another single ingredient treat from Jones, which I love. The Curly Q is also 100% grown and baked in the USA. Isn’t that pawsome?

Baran the Boxer noms on a Curly Q
Baran the Boxer is about a year old. He has declared the Curly Q as his very favorite treat. Well, until I gave him the bone I brought.

Now! The part of the show you’ve all been waiting for! The giveaway! Who wants a Curly Q treat for their dog?! You know you do. And even if you don’t know, your dog does. Because Jones Natural Chews make dogs smile. Naturally. Lookit!

Smiling around a Jones Curly Q treat
Baran is smiling. This is how Boxers smile. Really. And how could he not smile with a Jones Curly Q in his mouth?

Oh, a word – Baran’s mama took his Curly Q away when it became small enough for him to swallow. She’s a smart dog mama. Baran is young and a gulper, so swallowing it was a danger. I think his mama gave it to one of their smaller dogs. Always ALWAYS monitor your dog’s chewing. Know their chewing habits.

So does your dog want a Curly Q or not? It does? Well here are the rules for the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post
  • Be a US resident
  • Leave said comment before midnight this coming Sunday, April 12th (see how I’m changing the rules as I go?)

I try to make these giveaways as simple as possible. Do me a favor, though? Share this giveaway on your favorite social media? I love you guys, and I know you love me (how can you help it?), so go out there and spread the love! Make more dogs smile! Naturally.

Until I write again …


19 thoughts on “The Curly Q – A New Treat

  1. Love the name Curly Q….. Lil’ Miss Izzie would love to try one…knowing that it’s made by Jones it has to be good !!!!!

  2. Always on the lookout for stimulating new natural treats for my 3 Eskies! I’ll be sure to look for these where I shop.

  3. Oh, I know my dogs would love this. And I find the “shaped” bully sticks last just a big longer than the straight ones.

  4. Hi Flea,
    I would love a curly-q for my upcoming 3rd Gotcha Day, April 28th. Dad says, “we will be celebrating all week. I’m excited and I love my family. Artie.

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