The Day of the Meme, WW

The Day of the Meme, WW

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Wordless Wednesday is a blog hop started, at least in the pet community, by BlogPaws. I’m beginning to look forward to it every week in order to share memes I create. At the same time, coming up with captions for them is tough. Y’all help me out? Pretty please? For instance, how would you caption this one differently?

Coffee dog meme
I’m a coffee meme fan. Chewy isn’t a coffee fan, but he could be. He’s more of a Jones Natural Chews fan. If I gave him coffee, he’d probably just explode. So no coffee for Chewy.

Anything? Please? I adore Chewy’s little face. It screams out for captions. Someone out there has got to have a good one. How about this?

Did you say treat?!?
That whole treat meme – I do that a lot. Help! And forget fitting Jones Natural Chews into a meme – blocks his cute face.

So I resort to other things. Like this.

Duck face meme
Because who doesn’t love a duck face, am I right? And certainly Jim is an expert. It’s either that or AFLAC. But then there’s this …
Duck face - you're doing it wrong.
This is Gadget’s best attempt at duck face. He’s obviously doing it all wrong. But he’s so stinkin’ cute that I don’t have the heart to tell him. Maybe Jim can help him out. I’m not sure any amount of Jones chews would help me train Gadget to make a real duck face. Memes are hard.

So. Any new captions for these you want to throw my way? How about this one:

Pining for the fjords meme
See what I did there? This dog meme is swiped from a Monty Python sketch. Do you know which one?

Chewy just looked like he was pining. He was actually being snugly. I’d just given him a small piece of a Rocky’s Roller and he was content. Or this one?

Just another pretty face
And this meme is funny to me because I think Gadget is ugly. No hate! I think he’s so ugly he’s cute! His expressions crack me up.

So send some caption ideas my way! And visit other blogs in the hop. Lots of cool dog photos on Wednesdays. And THEN give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Or do that first. Whatever. And THEN pop over to Jones’ FaceCrack page and click Like. I’m just telling you what to do today, huh? Now do it. 😉

Until I write again …


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