The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Nicole (Dachshund)

The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Nicole (Dachshund)


Welcome to another in our series of The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews! Today we get to know Nicole and her dog a little better. Thank you, Nicole, for pawticipating in this interview process! I love getting to know my long-distance coworkers better. 🙂

Staley, a proud Dachshund
Staley the Doxy, Nicole’s handsome dog

Who are you and how did you come to work for Jones?

I’m Nicole Reyes and I’m relatively new to Rockford.  In my  hunt for employment in this area I was fortunate to come across my position with JNC through a local staffing agency.  I jumped at the opportunity to work in the dog industry.  Luckily it’s a great fit!

A Dachshund at rest
Resting Dachshunds are almost as much fun as playful Dachshunds

Have you always had dogs, or is this your first dog(s)?

When I was three years old I picked out my 1st dog (Patches).  It’s one of my earliest and best memories.  I had Patches for my entire growing-up years until I was 18.  Staley is the 1st dog that I have owned in my adult years.

A Dachshund with his kids
Staley loves his kids – looks like they love him just as much

Do you own any other animals? If so, what? 

Over the years I have fostered many dogs and have owned a cat, guinea pig, hamster and reptiles.

A Dachshund and his boy
What a good snuggle buddy a Dachchund makes!

What is your dog’s favorite Jones chew?

My dog (Staley) loves the Jones Natural Chews “Windees”.  He gets one every day when I get home from work.

Dachshund makes a good pet
The kids just adore sweet Staley

What breed is your dog?

Staley is 100% Dachshund.

Happy Doxy
Did y’all know that Dachshunds are hunters? Looks like Staley has treed a squirrel or something.

How did your dog find you? Purebred? Rescue? What’s your dog’s story?

For years I had taken my son and daughter to the local pet stores to let them play with the puppies so they would know how to handle them.  I was fortunate to cross paths with a woman that just had a litter of puppies.  When I went to go see the puppies Staley snuggled up in my arms and that was it…he chose me and I chose him.  We have been snuggling for 3 and a half years now.

A Doxy and his family
*squeeee* It’s Staley with his whole family!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog?

Staley is a typical Dachshund…when we are at home, you are likely to find him burrowed under a blanket or sitting in a basket of freshly dried laundry.  When the weather is nice (no snow or rain-he doesn’t like to be cold) he loves to go on family hikes in the woods, swimming in lakes, and soaking up as much sun as possible.

A warm Doxy
Staley is definitely staying warm

How did you come up with your dog’s name?

I am a die-hard Chicago Bear’s fan.  (Next year is our year!)  The original name of the Chicago Bears franchise was the Decatur Staleys. The Decatur Staley’s relocated to Chicago and became the Chicago Staley’s before taking on the name of the Chicago Bears.  Also, the Chicago Bears mascot is named “Staley Da Bear.”  So on that note…I call my dog Staley, Staley Bear or S.B.

I love this feature! Nicole, it’s so nice to know you! I especially love Staley’s naming story. I had no idea about the Staley name. I hope that you and all of the Jones employees are keeping yourselves and your dogs warm right now. It sounds as though Staley has nothing to worry about. 😉

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Until I write again …


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