State Fair Where I Live

State Fair Where I Live

State Fair Where I Live

It’s that time of year again, and what with hurricanes, keeping a pristine house in order to sell, and missing my sweet angel dogs who’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I’m gently recycling the State Fair post from years ago. Omigoodness – we haven’t been since then and I’m thinking we’ll need to attend this year. I love how photos bring back such great memories. Especially that Kookaburra!

It’s fall! You know what that means – that’s right! THE STATE FAIR!

Ferris Wheel at the state fair
I never ride the rides, but I love the lights at night at a fair.

Tulsa’s state fair is, naturally, a big to-do. This was our second year attending, and we did, primarily, because we’d entered in one of the competitive categories. No, not livestock. My husband and son entered the leather division, sub-category clothing. Take a look:

Ribbon winning armor
My boy is proud of his blue ribbon. He and dad put weeks into the armor and chain maille.

That’s right, folks! My boys won a blue ribbon at the state fair! YEEHAW! That armor is gorgeous and deserving of the ribbon, but the competition was pretty stiff. The boys earned that ribbon for sure.

Mullet Counting

Now I know I told y’all yesterday that I’d be counting mullets at the state fair, but honestly? I didn’t see a single one. And I was looking. Swear. However, I’ve been feeling quite pudgy lately (quite pudgy), and being at the fair made me feel SO much better about myself. It did. Oh my word. No, I don’t have photos of fat people.

But! I took a picture of the CUTEST PUPPY EVER.

Six Weeks Old
This Aussie pup about did me in. CUTE!!!

Y’all, we never got our Australian shepherds as puppies. Clee-o was four months and the pair were three year old rescue Aussies. This baby was just six weeks. And soft! Omigoodness. So soft.

Prepping for Our Move to the Country

But puppies weren’t the only animals at the state fair. Oh no. We found a huge building full of nothing but pigs.

This ain't Wilbur
Yeah, Wilbur this pig ain’t. Pretty for a pig, though.

Did they ever smell! Cutest thing ever, watching the 4H kids walking their pigs. Almost made me want a pig. Almost.

4H pig walking
She was using a little switch to direct the pig as she walked. Coolest thing ever.

Next door to the pigs was a building full of goats. You heard that right – goats. Even more I almost wanted to get a goat. For starters, they didn’t smell nearly as bad. And those long, silky ears! So pretty.

4H Goat
Hello? Hello?! Can you let me out, please? No? Then may I nibble on your shirt? Your purse? SOMETHING?!?

State Fair Food – Always an Experience

The fair food was good and greasy, I won’t lie. The roasted ears of corn were delicious. No, I didn’t get a fried Twinkie. And the funnel cakes were NOM NOM NOM.

Blue Velvet and Carrot
The carrot funnel cake looks rather like intestines. It didn’t help any that we’d just walked through the pig and goat buildings.

That’s a blue velvet funnel cake and a carrot funnel cake with a cream cheese glaze. I was only one of three people devouring them, but I could have taken them on all by myself, I won’t lie.

There were disappointments. One was the lack of chickens. I really wanted to see the different breeds and blue ribbon winners, but there were only a handful of broilers, poor dears.

4H Broiler
They seemed healthy and content enough. Pretty girls. Hefty girls.

And no bunnies. Last year my favorite thing at the state fair was the bunnies. Especially the angoras. *sigh*

An unexpected surprise was the Australian exhibit. My favorite part of that was watching a kookaburra eat a little white mouse. Very cool.

Kookaburra eats a mouse
Yes indeedy. That’s a little white mouse hanging from the kookaburra’s beak. Good eatin’.

There was so much more. One of the children bought a Legend of Zelda master sword. Dueling pianos. Fiery batons being twirled. And dropped. Chicks being hatched. A dog being neutered. Yeah – I didn’t watch. And a good time was had by all.


Have you entered the Jones Natural Chews giveaway? Our new Bully Basted Snorks are UH-MAY-ZING. Stay tuned, tomorrow, for everyone’s favorite, Kato Jack, enjoying his very own Snorks! And head to the entry post today to enter to win your very own Bully Basted Snorks for your dog! You’ll be glad you did. Well, your dog will be glad you did. So will I. 🙂

So. Did you attend your state’s fair this year? If you go, have a fried Twinkie for me!! And treat your dog to happiness. Give it a Jones Natural Chew.

Spreading the good chews …


Oh! Oh! Petey pic!

Three day old duckling
Petey is three days old. Spunky, cute, bitey.

8 thoughts on “State Fair Where I Live

  1. Sadly, our state fairs are on the lame side. They just don’t know how to do fairs and festivals out here like they do on the East Coast or in the South. Very disappointing. While they do have fried things – I’m not a fan. They should have paramedics right next to some of those food vendors! 😉

    That was a pretty pig! And oh my goodness – that puppy! While I am happy to have Blueberry – I would have LOVED to see her as a puppy. I bet she was even more stinking cute then than she is now!

  2. We really want to do ren fairs next year! The armor took FOREVER to make, though. And Dawn, goats eat everything! And climb on everything! I just don’t think I could handle that, living in the city with neighbors.
    Flea recently posted..Rescue, Foster and AdoptionMy Profile

  3. Ooo! You’re not far at all! I’m in south Tulsa. You should totally stop in for coffee and some chicken time next time you’re in town! Email me and I’ll give you my address. flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com.
    Flea recently posted..Rescue, Foster and AdoptionMy Profile

  4. Last year was our first ever state fair. My Hunny says that he’s been to them in other states, but they’re lame, too. We’re southwest, so there’s lots of critters, and lots of people looking for a fun time. Tulsa rolls up the sidewalks at ten. And you’re totally not kidding about the food. GAH! Heart attack waiting to happen. I was good this year, believe it or not.
    Flea recently posted..Rescue, Foster and AdoptionMy Profile

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