Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer?

Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer?

Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer?

Yes, I’m thinking of getting a Schnauzer. At some point in the next year, perhaps. So we are going to learn about the Schnauzer together! My Hunny wants a lap dog, one which doesn’t shed, something intelligent and loyal, so I’m considering the Schnauzer. If you are, too, look with me at the pros and cons of this pretty breed.

Agility Schnauzer
Schnauzers are such intelligent beauties. I met this one at an agility trial here in Tulsa.

There are three types of Schnauzer, according to the AKC site, but we’re going to focus on the Miniature Schnauzer today, since the lap dog is what we’ll be looking for. Here’s what the AKC has to say about the Miniature Schnauzer:

Known for his distinguished, handsome appearance, the Miniature Schnauzer is characterized by its whiskers and double coat, which has a hard, wiry outer coat and close, soft undercoat. Coat colors can be salt and pepper, black and silver and solid black.  Despite his small stature, the Miniature Schnauzer can give an alarm just as well as a larger dog.  That, combined with his naturally protective nature, makes him an excellent watchdog. He is also the most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds, which include the Giant and the Standard.

So this little dog barks. Interesting. Sounds like watchdog is code for barking a lot. Hmm. It looks like the Schnauzer was originally bred as a farm dog, a rat dog, so that will work for us. The chickens attract mice and rats. Our old Aussies love to chase the rodents, but they rarely catch them anymore.

The Schnauzer breed seems to be cheerful and easily trained. I don’t know about you, but I’m amused by the cheerful statement. Look at that face!

Hotel Manning Schnauzer
Charlie the hotel dog, looking for treats – those eyebrows are fierce! I did leave Jones chews for Charlie.

That is a grouchy old man face if I’ve ever seen it, which goes to show that you can’t judge a dog by its facial hair.

Pros and Cons

Let’s go in-depth with pros and cons for the Schnauzer. We’re going to hit the Dog Breed Info site for this one.


  • Intelligent, loving and happy – these are great adjectives for a lap dog and pet
  • Affectionate, devoted and docile – total lap dog material – they love kids, too
  • Good watch and rat dog, but not a yappy barker – yay!!!
  • Good apartment dog – not an issue for us, but if you’re an apartment dweller, make sure the dog gets enough exercise daily
  • Fairly long life – expected to live 15 years, not showing age until the very end
  • Requires some grooming, but not really a shedding dog, as well as being somewhat non-allergen


Lots of pros for the Miniature Schnauzer! I’m liking this breed. But let’s reserve judgment until we’ve looked at the cons for this dog, see if we still think it’s a good fit.


  • Because we’re talking Miniature Schnauzer, the dog is prone to Small Dog Syndrome, which can occur in most toy and miniature breeds and is nearly always an owner issue, not a dog issue – read more about it here
  • Health – this little dog is prone to quite a few health issues, including, but not limited to, liver disease, kidney stones, diabetes, weight gain, hereditary eye problems – seems like half the issues, though, can be owner and diet controlled
  • Along the lines of Small Dog Syndrome, the Miniature Schnauzer needs an owner who will be the boss and train this dog, taking time to exercise and teach and socialize the dog regularly – intelligent, small dogs need more work than many other dogs, but the rewards are frequently far greater

Not a lot of cons. So if I’m looking for a lap dog for Hunny, this small dog with an easy going demeanor and farm dog background seems to be ideal. As always, please weigh in if you’re a Schnauzer owner and I’m missing something, or if you’ve spent a lot of time with the breed.

Which Jones to Choose?

And, as always, I conjecture what type of Jones chews I’d give a Schnauzer. Given that the breed is prone to weight gain and diabetes, I’m thinking bones, like a Knuckle or a Lamb Shank. I’m also thinking a lower fat longer chew, like a Bully Stick or Steer Stick. And a Hoof. A Hoof would certainly be a great chew choice for the Miniature Schnauzer, good for its teeth and gums.

I hope this has been helpful! Please, let me know what breed you’d like to know more about. Let’s learn together!

Until I write again …


8 thoughts on “Thinking of Getting a Schnauzer?

  1. Interesting post about another breed that I don’t know much about, I had no idea they were lap-dogs, I always thought they were like Scotties, and independent and happy to sit at your feet when they want too. But I’ve been around very few Schnauzers and they’ve all been intense barkers–But I think the owners weren’t as smart as they were, so I think someone like you who is dog savvy could redirect that so it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Another ‘fun’ non-shedding breed that I think is a great family dog is a ‘Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.’
    Kim – Life at Golden Pines recently posted..A Holiday Tradition ContinuesMy Profile

  2. I met the cutest Schnauzer the other day, happily trotted along with me and my buddy Sebastian (a landseer) not bothered by our sizes and had a lovely friendly temperament. I don’t know much about them, but from what I saw they seem like a great dog.
    Misaki recently posted..sleeping it offMy Profile

  3. My best friend I used to work with has a Schnauzer and she was a very cool dog. Not a very big barker but did have a lot of health issues. My sister-in-law also has one. Hers is a big barker, but only at strangers that come into her house that she doesn’t know. If my family goes over there poor Gracie has to get put away somewhere because she just won’t stop barking. But hey, she don’t know us so I don’t blame her.
    Ann Staub recently posted..Dog Daddy | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. My grandmother had a schnauzer when we were growing up. Nicest dog ever. Sweet. Very good with kids. Lived a long life. She had it groomed periodically. About the inherited eye issues…usually those can be avoided with careful breeding (depending on what they are).
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Happy 2014!My Profile

  5. I’ve only met a few in passing, but they seem like very nice dogs!
    But in any event, I am looking forward to puppy photos in the future! OR new dog photos if you adopt an adult – I guess I shouldn’t assume.
    Look forward to following the process!
    It’s going to be one lucky dog, that’s for sure! Living in the ultimate treat household!
    Jen K recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 25: The First of 2014My Profile

  6. Of course you know I’m gonna say that Schnauzers are totally awesoooooooome! Get ya one! You will be happy you did. Simba is awesome. He hasn’t had any health issues yet…he does bark, but only when people he doesn’t know come to the house. After they have introduced themselves and I’m tell him it’s ok, he’s all good! Good luck on your search for your lapdog. I’m thinking the Schnauzer is gonna win 😉
    Kia recently posted..Instagram Tips: How to Use Popular #Hashtags On InstagramMy Profile

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