Top Ten FAQs

Jones Natural Chews Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions
1)  Are Jones products made in USA?
All Jones Natural Chews products are grown and made in the USA. The entire manufacturing procedure from start to finish is on the American soil. It is a great honor to have the American Flag on all of our products.

2)  Are the animals organic/free-range/caged?
All Jones products are purchased from USDA inspected meat plants within the US. The plants are not certified organic or free-range; however several of our sources are from ranch areas and not feed lots.

3)  Where do I purchase your products from?
Jones is in the process of updating the website. Eventually, we aim to have all the stores that carry our products listed on our website. There are many already listed at under retail stores, click on your state and the towns are listed alphabetically. It is still being updated, if you don’t find what you are looking for you can always e-mail us at or give us a call at 877-481-2663 and we will assist you as best we can.

4)  Are Jones bones safe? We are afraid of splintering.
We test all of our bones for splintering. We conduct pressure tests and moisture tests to ensure the best bone strength. Because of the all-natural process we put our bones through, they will not splinter any easier than a raw bone. As with any food or treat supervision is always recommended, all dogs have different chewing habits. We at Jones’ give all of our own dogs our products with confidence.

5)  When do you introduce new products?
We strive to introduce 2 to 4 new products per year. These are usually introduced in the month of February.

6)  Can I purchase direct?
No, it is Jones policy to sell through our distributor base. (see) #3 – Where do I purchase your products from?

7)  What bone or chew will work best for my dog?
Choose a bone that is the right density and size for your dog. The bone should be larger than your dog’s mouth. Pork bones and lamb bones are soft bones and are only for smaller, light chewers. Beef bones are good for most chewers. Beef shank and knee caps are the hardest bones for aggressive chewers.
If large slivers or pieces are breaking off, take it away and try another type. Bones are not intended to be ingested, but chewed and gnawed on. Knuckles will be consumed and will leave a hard bone piece to gnaw.

8)  What is good for a puppy?
We make several types of jerky products that break apart easily making them awesome for training. Beef shank bones, knee caps, and stuffed bones are good chewing aids to rescue your shoes and furniture! Make sure to supervise the puppy with any bones as he/she is just developing their chewing habits.

9)  What are the casings?
The casings we use are the same type of casing used in human consumption sausages, a natural collagen casing. They are safe for all dogs.

10)  What is glycerin made from and is it natural?
Glycerin is a by-product from vegetable oils and corn. The viscosity of glycerin gives it an antibacterial property. There are natural and synthetic types of glycerin, but Jones only uses the natural glycerin.

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