Where Treats Come From

Where Treats Come From

Where Treats Come From

Y’all all know where treats come from, right? It’s easy to disconnect with the source of our food. This weekend I spent time at my favorite homestead, hanging out with food-in-waiting. Homesteaders are honest about where treats come from. And their animals are treated with the utmost care and affection. Say hello to my cow, Mignon.

Where dog treats come from
Cows are where beef treats come from

Jones Natural Chews are meat treats. I don’t ever want to lose sight of what that means. It’s one of the reasons that Hunny and I will be moving to our own homestead and raising as much of our own food as possible. We want to be honest with ourselves about our food source. I suspect we’ll eat far more vegetables and far less meat. Probably a lot more eggs and milk product, too.

Jones Natural Chews Come From American Farms

One of the more important things I think people should know about Jones Natural Chews is that their ingredients are ALL grown on farms in the US of A. American ingredients. No mystery about the sourcing, or what might be hidden in the ingredients. As a bonus, all of the ingredients are 100% natural, which just means there’s nothing artificial in our treats. But honestly? They’re mostly meat.

Bucky the lamb - where treats come from
Bucky the lamb is a well loved little hair sheep. He and his two ewes have the run of the homestead and the affection of the farmers.

That’s where meat comes from, boys and girls. From animals. I can’t wait to have my own farm.

What About Dog Biscuits?

I touched on this yesterday. Dog biscuits are primarily grain products. While I’ll be growing vegetables on my homestead, they’ll be for me to eat. Yes, my dogs will get fresh veggies, but I won’t be baking biscuits for them. Jones won’t, either. My dogs, when not eating Jones Natural Chews as treats, will be snacking on fresh green beans or a fresh egg in their food.

Loud turkeys wander the homestead, bossing the other poultry around
These handsome turkeys are LOUD. They wander all over the homestead, letting everyone know they’re there, bossing the chickens and ducks.

Biscuits aren’t bad. I just know that once dogs have had Jones for a while, they tend to turn their noses up at biscuits.

Where Jones Natural Chews Come From

Jones Natural Chews come from American farms, but they’re all chopped, baked and packaged in northern Illinois. The Jones family has been in the butcher business for more than 150 years. The Jones siblings who run the business are all children of a butcher, and have been creating Jones chews for about 30 years, so they know meat and they know dog treats. Ask them where treats come from, but be prepared for an extended response. Be prepared to be educated. Hmm. Maybe next time I visit the headquarters, I’ll do a Facebook live video and ask that question.

When goats get the upper hand
I’ll also ask why Jones doesn’t make goat treats. I suspect it’s because goats are so smart that they’ve talked the Jones siblings out of even considering it. Goats are brilliant.


This is my favorite part about working for Jones, the giveaway. Wait. I think I say that about a lot of aspects of my job. Traveling around the country, giving treats to new dogs, meeting new people, working from home – they’re ALL my favorite parts of working for Jones! I just really love my job, huh? But here’s YOUR favorite part – I’m giving some lucky dog their very own Lamb Lung Puffs! All you have to do is enter to win! Simply click this sentence to open the giveaway post, scroll to the bottom of the post, click the giveaway box, comment, then click I Commented! And you’re entered. But make sure you tweet about the giveaway for extra points! Your dog will thank you.

Now shoo! Give your dog some Jones. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. We think one reason Madison is such a food snob is she has had only super high value food and treats since she was tiny. Not a bad thing, but she is not into a biscuit at all. Bailie will eat almost anything.
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