Treats Dogs Drool Over

Treats Dogs Drool Over

Treats Dogs Drool Over

Y’all, I never photograph the types of dogs which drool. But the Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews are the treats dogs drool over. Honestly. I just need a Newfoundland or Great Dane to give them to so you’ll see what I mean. The closest I got to that was a Boxer this weekend. Y’all know Baran. He’s not much of a drooler, thank goodness, but he’d be the first to tell you that the Lamb Lung Puffs are treats dogs drool over.

Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews - Treats dogs drool over
Baran may not be drooling, but he says that the Lamb Lung Puffs are lip licking good!

Fortunately for your dog, these treats dogs drool over are our current giveaway! We’ll talk more about that at the end of today’s post.

What Types of Treats Do Dogs Drool Over?

You know your dog. But let me ask a question – what types of treats do you feed your dog? Before discovering Jones Natural Chews I gave my dogs cheap biscuits. MilkBone and generic stuff. They were content to eat grain based treats with a ton of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce (they couldn’t either). Now that my dogs eat Jones, they won’t touch a biscuit. That goes for fancy, low ingredient biscuits from reputable treat creators. My dogs only want meat treats.

So which treats do dogs drool over? Single ingredient treats make them sit up and beg like no other. Lamb Lung Puffs are single ingredient, as are Windees, Pig Ears, Woofers, and a whole host of treats from Jones Natural Chews. Dogs smell the beef, pork or lamb from a mile away. In some dogs it triggers copious amounts of drool. My little dogs will sit up and beg. Pixie the Rat Terrier just snatches them from my hand.

Pixie the Terrier says yes to Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews
Treat your dog to happiness with Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews

Giving Jones Natural Chews to dogs is one of the most satisfying things about my job. They always beg. They always love them. Occasionally I get a shy dog who’ll say no, but almost always find that they devour in private whichever treat I’ve given them.


I, personally, don’t care for dog drool. It’s just a thing for me. Shedding is fine, but drool gives me the heeby jeebies. That said, I do love the sight of drool when I pull out a treat. You’re going to love it, too, when you give Jones Natural Chews to your dog! How do you make that happen? You can either pick some up at your local pet or feed store (click here to plug in your zip code to find the store nearest you), or you can purchase the exact treat you’d like at Natural Dog Treat Shop or Jeffers Pet. My favorite way, though, is to win treats! And if you click this sentence, you can enter to win either Lamb Lung Puffs or a Lamb Femur Bone, using the giveaway box at the end of the new post which will pop up. Don’t forget to tweet about the giveaway to better your chances of winning!

Baran the Boxer waits patiently for a Lamb Lung Puff from Jones Natural Chews
Such a patient pup – as long as no other dogs are in the room

Baran thanks you. So do I. Actually, Baran wants all the Jones for himself. He’s rather like a dog that way. Treat your dog to happiness. Give it Jones Natural Chews.

Spreading the good chews …


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