Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Trick or treat training to win treats – what a mouthful! But that’s what we’re doing today. Giving each of you an opportunity to learn a trick and win a treat for your dog! Jodi, of Kol’s Notes, and Jessica, of Beagles and Bargains, are hosting the Trick or Treat blog hop to make this possible and they asked me to join in! Because, I’m pretty darn sure, they know that I’ll be giving away the best darn dog treats your dog has ever smiled for. True story.

Trick or Treat blog hop giveaway!
Trick or Treat!

So Jodi asked me to join this hop, giving away Jones Natural Chews to some lucky dog, and I said yes. Of course. There’s not much I love more than making dogs smile. But she asked me to do a non-dog trick. WHAT?! Jones is all about dogs! We give away dog treats! Alas, Jodi knows me far too well. And she had a secret agenda in asking me. I’ll give you a hint.

Duck in a hat
Pilgrim Jimmy

Yes, she asked that I teach Jimmy the Duck a trick. Jimmy wasn’t so cooperative. About as cooperative as he is when I asked him to wear a bow tie.

Jimmy in a Bow Tie
Jimmy in a bow tie

Yeah, we have to hold him down and take it right off. Jimmy is far more interested in making love to my pink Crocs than in learning tricks. That said, I have a beautiful video on training a duck, just for you. And especially for Jodi.

Agility duck competition totally needs to be a thing. She trained her duck using a clicker and treats. I’m guessing peas. If I trained Jim, I’d probably use shredded coconut, as that’s his favorite treat. If I trained Mary Ann, my chicken, I’d use Jones chicken taffy, as that’s her favorite treat. Don’t judge.

So here’s the deal – visit the other blogs in the hop. They’re awesome. One of them is giving away the same treat I’ll be giving away. All of them are giving away some kind of treat. *SQUEEE* And enter to win our giveaway.

Oh! What am I giving away here? Why, Lamb Lung Puffs! They’re doggy crack. Seriously.

She wants it
Lamb Lung Puff – OM NOM NOM

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I have yet to meet a dog which doesn’t go insane over the Lamb Lung Puffs. Seriously. You’ll want to win these for your dog. It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally. And you’ll also want to enter our other giveaway if you haven’t already.

Until I write again …


41 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

  1. Coco’s not really into doing tricks, but she can do “shake” for shaking your hand and give a high five. Looks like the duck is better at tricks than her but that’s alright. I still love my little girl!

  2. Schooner and Skipper love high five! I loved watching the duck do agility! Schooner and Skipper did agility too! That was so cute and amazing watching duck!

  3. Oh the duck is so adorable!!!! Our dogs do not do alot of tricks…but they do sit…well most of the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Though I’ve never thought of it as tricks, Shiloh is a skilled agility dog! We’re about halfway to our championship =) His favorite “real” trick is spinning, taking a bow, and putting his toys away.

  5. Both Shiloh and Shasta can roll over, sit up and Shiloh will then wave, each of them can crawl, play bow or pray – all tricks done on command. Shiloh has done a couple agility tricks but it has been awhile – the only time I tried Shasta on any agility, she acted somewhat timid and shied away – that has been a few years ago.

    That duck is very talented – wish my dogs could do agility that well. The duck might be able to do the play bow or pray but not sure about the other tricks.
    Kim Brooks recently posted..A review on Friday Fotos with the BeaglebratzMy Profile

  6. my oldest gal can rollover, prance, dance, play soccer and kickball. she used to be able to walk on her hind legs until she developed disc problems.

  7. i think the duck can do some of the things, the duck can be taught to rollover and dance, but not play soccer or kickball.he is very talented. all my girls can do most of the things the duck does. they have done them b4 but i dont really practice the agility with them much but they have done them in the past.

  8. Truthfully, your duck is way trickier than my dogs! My dogs can sit, stay and lay that’s that’s about it! I’ve never spent much time (obviously) working with them on this! Opps!

  9. Diamond’s best trick is giving a high ten. She gets so happy when she does it too ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think the duck is equipped for that lol but is amazing!

  10. My dog likes doing Spin, Sit, Speak, jump through arms, come, wave, and “Hand me the clothes from the basket” tricks best, I think! We entered your giveaway through an “Amie De” Facebook account! P.s I’m celebrating my dog’s 5th birthday today!

  11. My dog’s favorite trick is wheedling treats out of neighbors. She has gotten several (non-dog owning) neighbors to start buying & carrying dog treats for her.

  12. My three beagles best tricks are cuddling in the morning and at night and being so cute that I can’t help but love them during the day when they are digging holes and arooing at the squirrels in the yard.

  13. My dogs don’t know many tricks. If sit and stay count they know those. Seems like the duck’s got them beat!

  14. My dog can roll over and that’s about it. I didn’t know that you could train a duck to do tricks. That’s pretty darn cool.

  15. Hi Flea, just wanted to say thanks for the giveaway! We received the twister pizzle and lung puffs yesterday and are excited to try them out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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