Valentine’s Day Gift for Dogs

Valentine’s Day Gift for Dogs

Do you give your dog gifts? Jones Natural Chews makes a Valentine’s Day gift for dogs! And not a collar or jacket or bed or toy. Jones makes gifts which every dog is guaranteed to love, love, love. In fact, we’re giving one lucky dog a gift, so make sure to read to the bottom and enter the giveaway!

Wuv You treats from Jones Natural Chews

Wuv You treats are two treats in one. Inside this cute package are two sealed bags of meat treats for dogs – Big Paw Jerky in one and Tender Taffy (chicken) in the other. The jerky is hard and snaps into smaller pieces, and the taffy is soft, easily torn into smaller pieces. And do dogs love the Wuv You treats from Jones Natural Chews? You betcha! Let’s ask Leo, a black maltipoo rescue.

Wuv You treats from Jones Natural Chews? Yes, please.

That’s the Tender Taffy he’s about to snap up. Leo is small, sweet and fluffy-soft. He’s a little reserved with strangers, and not really treat oriented. Leo was hesitant about taking the taffy or jerky. Until he actually tasted it.

Why did you take my Jones Natural Chews?

Don’t worry, Leo. Your mom has the rest of the Wuv You treats tucked away for later. Let’s walk through some treat tips, for Leo’s sake, so he doesn’t panic.

  • Treats are not meals – small amounts are appropriate for all dogs, but especially smaller dogs
  • Always keep treats, especially Jones Natural Chews, out of your dog’s reach, but only because they smell and taste so good that your dog will do anything to get and eat them ALL
  • Be aware of protein or food sensitivities in your dog – Oz the Terrier talks about that a little in this post
  • Know your dog’s chewing and eating habits – if your dog is a gulper, give smaller pieces
  • Jones Natural Chews make great training treats, since they’re high quality meat treats, and it’s ideal to reserve them as rewards when training, given in small amounts

But let’s go straight to the source for the word on these Wuv You treats, shall we? Here’s what Jones has to say.

How do I Wuv You? Let me count the ways! 2 ounces (approximately 6 pieces) of Big Paw Jerky and 2.5 ounces (approximately 6 pieces) of Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend in a fun-loving reusable canister. Spoil the baby that has given you unconditional love with these irresistible treats. No artificial ingredients are added. All size dogs will love the taste of these jerkies. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

Grown and made in the USA is a beautiful thing when it comes to dog treats. All natural is equally beautiful. As an added bonus, theย jerky has three ingredients, but is mostly meat. The taffy has seven, and is also mostly meat. Jones has been making all natural, completely sourced and made in the USA dog treats for nearly 30 years. And do dogs complain? Only when you stop giving them treats.

So, did you know there was such an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for dogs? Now you do. And this is your chance to win a canister for your dog! We’re giving away a pack of Wuv You treats to some lucky dog! You must be a resident of the contiguous US to enter. Oh! And click over to Oz the Terrier’s blog for a SECOND chance to win some yummy Wuv You treats! Just spreading the good chews!

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Until I write again …


31 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift for Dogs

  1. My favorite gift for Valentine’s Day was having my husband, all my children, and grandchildren for a awesome dinner. Family is very important and being together on Valentine’s Day is the BEST gift!

  2. Way to spread the Wuv, Miss Flea! BOL I think every dog should receive Jones Wuv You Treats this Valentine’s Day! You know I think they are Pure Dog Love. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and so many are commenting on the Wuvly packaging.

  3. The Brat Pack gets more Valentine treats than the Doggie and I get..Some Jones treats would be even more special for them

  4. I want to send these to a certain cute GBGV that happens to be my girlfriend. โ™ฅ Pierre will send some to her little sister because they are buddies. The best Valentine’s Day gift that I ever received was a pooper scooper with heart balloons tied to it! I had always scooped the dog’s poop with a shovel so this was a MAJOR deal for me. We laugh about it every year. โ˜บ I also received flowers, but the scooper was the best! BOL! #TrueDogMom โ™ฅ

  5. I love taking it easy on Valentine’s Day. The best gift is a night home with the hubby and pooches with take out and a movie.

  6. One Valentine’s day, my hub walked Honey 6 miles round trip to the groomer and took her for a professional photography session.

    It would be hard to top that one.

  7. My best Valentine’s Day would be when my children showed up to surprise me with flowers, wine, chocolate and take me out to dinner……

  8. Best Valentine’s Day gift would just be hanging out with my dog, Coco. She’s the best gift there is!

  9. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day much around here….every day is a love fest here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But the dogs would be happy to break that tradition with these awesome treats!

  10. TEGAN!!! I wanted to name my first daughter Tegan. Then I grew up and forgot all about that companion. She was one of my favorites!

  11. We don’t really do Valentine’s gifts. We may have many years ago, but it’s been so long that I can’t recall. If I was guessing, I would say jewelry, I love jewelry. “-)

  12. One of my long term foster dogs went to his fantastic forever home on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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