Waiting in Limbo with Dogs

Waiting in Limbo with Dogs

Waiting in Limbo

Thanks for being on this moving journey with me. We’re currently waiting in limbo for a place to live. Hunny and I are living with my mother, but she’ll be putting her house on the market soon. The fun part of waiting in limbo? The dogs.

Life Disrupted

For one thing, I have a box full of Jones Natural Chews with me. Every morning I let the dogs out, then give them all a little piece of Lamb Lung Puff. They’re happy dogs. But that’s not enough for pups who’ve had their lives so disrupted. First their home was packed into boxes, then their big brother and sister (Flash and Patches) crossed the Rainbow Bridge and didn’t come home. Next their frenemies, the cats, left to live with my daughter. After that, the geese and their ultimate frenemy, Jimmy the Duck, went to live on a farm for a few weeks. Poor dogs were living in chaos.

The dog and duck face off while waiting in limbo
Chewy and Jimmy face off. This is a daily occurrence. Jimmy attacks and Chewy eggs him on.

Finally, we’ve all four come to live with my mother. This is the good part of the story as far as Chewy and Gadget are concerned. They absolutely love Grandma.

Best Friends

Chewy’s and Gadget’s best friend lives at Grandma’s house. Miss Honey the Shih Tzu is somedog they know and love. Not only does Grandma give them multiple little meals a day, as well as feed them tidbits from her plate at meals, they get to play with Honey all day long. They love it here. To make the Grandma experience even better, mom and dad now live here, too!

So imagine how the joy is compounded when, every morning, I bring out the Jones Natural Chews! All three dogs line up and wait for their Lamb Lung Puffs.

Dogs waiting for a piece of Lamb Lung Puff from Jones Natural Chews
So expectant, Gadget, Chewy and Honey all wait for their Lamb Lung Puff pieces. One lung piece is easily divided for three dogs.

All three dogs are so good. They sit on command and wait. There’s no fighting over the treats, no grabbing from each other. They wait patiently, then take their treat.


Whether or not you’re moving, whether or not you’re waiting in limbo with dogs, your dog will want the Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews. Y’all know this isn’t some corporate blog that’s just selling you a product? It’s me, Flea, sharing my life and experiences with dogs. It’s me, Flea, telling you about a product I truly believe is the very best dog treat brand. Jones are all natural (the Lamb Lung Puffs are single ingredient treats), and all American grown and produced.

That said, when I run a giveaway here on the blog, you can be assured that the treats are always the best. My dogs have tried them out, and I’ve given them to other dogs, different breeds and mutts, as test subjects. Very willing test subjects. In fact, my own dogs have turned their noses up at biscuits for years because they know that mama has meat treats for them. And every two weeks I give away meat treats to YOU. Our current giveaway is one of my very favorites, the Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, scroll to the end of the new post which will open, click the giveaway box, leave a comment, then click I Commented! You’re entered to win. But because this treat is one of our very best, you’ll also want to tweet about it using the giveaway box. That just increases your chances of winning. And makes your dog smile.

So shoo! Go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


6 thoughts on “Waiting in Limbo with Dogs

  1. Selling and moving is not for the faint of heart. I am so ready for my house to sell that I could scream! We have had stuff packed since this time last year. Of course, the house has not been on the market but for 3 months but that is long enough. Good luck with your land purchase and kiss the dogs for me.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Do You Want Fries with That Order?My Profile

  2. wow, lots going on, with your mom going to put her house on the market, you staying with her, the poor little doggies, can be so stressful for them.

  3. Ooh, you had us at lamb lung! Paws crossed the timing on home transition goes well for you. Long enough to enjoy Grandma yet in time to make the chance to your new future.

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