We Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

We Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

We Found a Hoof!

We try really hard NOT to find hooves, actually. Our Patches squirrels them away wherever she can hide a Hoof. My dogs aren’t chewers, but Patches LOVES a Hoof. And we found a Hoof.

Stinky chewed Hoof
We found a Hoof. An ABC – an Already Been Chewed Hoof from Jones Natural Chews.

I’ve thrown a couple of hooves away over time, as has my Hunny, so I don’t know how this one escaped our notice. But Hunny, cleaning the garage this weekend, found The Hoof. Heavens. He handed it to me and said, “Throw it away. Throw this thing away. Now.” We found a Hoof and now we’re going to throw it away?!

Dog looks at hoof
Flash is eyeing it, knowing that his sister is the Keeper of the Hoof, not wanting to mess with her property.

I listen so well. It’s one of my wifely virtues.

We found a Hoof! The Hoof from Jones Natural Chews drives dogs wild. Mama? Not so much.
The JNC Hoof is, paws down, Patches favorite treat in the universe.

Dogs Love the Hoof

I’ve said it before – dogs love the Hoof. LOVE. As in, sniff, look dubiously at said Hoof, daintily carry it to a far corner and puzzle over it, then gnaw the crap out of the Hoof for as long and as often as they can. Because they know that if they don’t hide the Hoof, mama is going to throw it AWAY.

The Hoof stinks. Like butt. Only when it’s being gnawed. It’s all sweet and innocent until the dog gets it and starts chewing. Don’t let the Hoof fool ya.

So what did I do? I brought this ABC Hoof to my neighbor’s dog. See? I’m not doing exactly what the Hunny asked, but I am getting it out of the house.

Not a fan
Sparky is sniffing the Hoof, wondering why the heck I’m handing it to him.

Sparky, the neighbor’s Rat Terrier, did the courtesy sniff that other dogs do when they discover the hoof. Maybe dogs aren’t initially engaged because the Hoof doesn’t smell until they chew it? That’s gotta be it.

Maybe not
Look at those ears!! Sparky isn’t sure, but he thinks he smells other dogs on this Hoof. Why on earth would I bring him an ABC Hoof?

What Exactly Is a Hoof?

Y’all, the Hoof is just a cow’s toenail. Do any of you bite your nails? I used to (FINGER nails). It’s very satisfying to chew on a fingernail. That doesn’t explain a dog’s obsession with the Hoof, though. I wish that I could send all of you a Hoof so your dogs could experience the delight and disgust of the chewing experience. Well, you’d be the one disgusted. But your dog – oh my. Over the moon.

Does Jones Natural Chews have a distributor near you? It’s just one little Hoof. That you’ll want to send your dog outside to chew. If Jones is not near you, Natural Dog Treat Shop is just a click away. One little Hoof. Your dog will thank you. And thank you. And thank you.

In the end, the Hoof came back into the house. Sparky didn’t know what to do with it, and I really do love my neighbor, so I wasn’t willing to leave it there. I endured stinky butt smell for about  an hour last night before getting up and grabbing it with my fingertips and putting it back in the garage. Poor Patches.

Bon Bon the Chicken

On a different note, our Bon Bon passed in the night. We only had her about a month, and she wasn’t even supposed to be my chicken, but she must have been a very old hen. She spent her last days walking in a grassy yard, eating bugs and melon and scrambled eggs, and sitting in my lap. It was a good ending to what must have been a stark existence prior to her life here. I’m actually relieved. She was a sweet thing, but not fitting in with the others at all.

Barred Plymouth Rock hen
Bon Bon, the barred Plymouth Rock hen, also known as Bonnie, or Monster Bon (she didn’t like the young chickens so much), on my lap yesterday afternoon

Spreading the good chews …


Today’s post is obviously recycled. You can read the story of how we came to have Bon Bon here. And I really do love Hooves from Jones. They’re a fantastic chew to keep dogs busy and happy. In another room while I’m busy. I’m so glad I found a Hoof. I’ll be finding more.

22 thoughts on “We Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

  1. No doubt Toby would treasure a hoof. The stinkier something is, the better he loves it. Thus I will try hard to keep him from ever getting one 🙂
    I’m sorry your BonBon passed away. This is my first visit to your blog. There’s a group in our fair city trying to pass a law to allow backyard chickens!

  2. So sorry about Bon Bon, poor chicken, maybe it is for the best. On another note…mom calls me a serial butt sniffer, so I bet I would love a hoof but I am wondering if you are also a butt sniffer since you know that they smell like butt??? Just a dog thought 🙂 Nothing to be embarrasses about, I am certainly not!
    emma recently posted..Bowie Up Close And Personal | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  3. I was sorry to see the BonBon news on Facebook.

    Hmmm. I would love to have something for Rita that would keep her occupied for hours. (Actually… she’s perfectly happy to just lie around for hours, but sometimes I feel guilty and wish I had something to give her to keep her from getting too bored. She will only chew on a bone for so long…)

    But.. your description of the smell is def’ly a deterrent! Maybe I could get her to sign a waiver to only chew it outside!

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