Weekend Plans with Dogs

Weekend Plans with Dogs

Weekend Plans with Dogs

Today’s post is gently recycled. Weekend plans with dogs are always different from weekend plans without them. Long meals in a restaurant don’t happen. Do we take a day tip, or find a place for the night where the dogs are welcome? If we’re hitting antique shops and craft fairs, will the dogs be allowed? Are we hiking or shopping? Do we have water bottles, collapsible bowls and plenty of Jones Natural Chews? Poop bags and leashes? So many things to consider which don’t factor in when the dogs stay home or with grandma.

What are your weekend plans? Do they include man’s best friend? Should they?

Where Do You Take Your Dogs?

I’m always curious to know where other people take their dogs. Whether or not others include their dogs in outings. Ours come with us when we go dog-friendly places. Like to the Illinois River (northeastern Oklahoma) for the day.

Patches only like to wade in the shallows
Patches never wants to be all the way in. She prefers the shallows.

They’ve been camping with us several times – we always make sure the camp ground allows dogs. Our tent, which we’ve dubbed The Tajmahal, sleeps all five of us on air mattresses, as well as our two dogs. I think their favorite part of camping is always the water feature.

Dogs and our Taj Mahal tent
We could fit city hall in this tent, for Pete’s sake

Going Riding in the Car

When I’m heading out to pick up a kid, or drop something off – never if I’m going in someplace in summer – I take the babies. I always ride with the windows down if it’s just the three of us, even if that means cranking the air or heat full-blast so I don’t die.

Do your weekend plans involve a car trip with your dog?
Doesn’t she look happy? No?

Taking the dogs on walks around a local park is nice. I tuck a couple of plastic grocery bags into the waistband of my pants, for scoopin’ the poop.

A great blue heron?
I know. Not a dog. But I captured this shot on one of our trail walks. The dogs behaved, since there was a fence between us. Isn’t it a beaut?

We take the dogs on vacation now, rather than leave them home. They hate being left home. They love to travel in the car. They don’t get car sick or anything. And as long as they have good treats, we’re doing great.

Cows on a Cajun vacation
Waaaaaaiiiit a second. Those aren’t dogs on vacation. Those are COWS on vacation.
Stretched out on cool tile
Stink. This is what the dogs always look like AFTER a vacation.

Transportation Concerns

Y’all, it’s so bad that when we ditched the last minivan, we got another minivan FOR THE DOGS. In part. Think with me – Five adult sized people, plus their friends, plus camping equipment (back and roof rack), plus room for the dogs to stretch out. Minivan.

Long day at the river equals happiness
Flash and Thaniel had a BLAST at the river. Not long after this, they both passed out.

So tell me – where do you and your babies go? We’re thinking of taking ours to the local flea market this weekend.


Always remember to bring the Jones Natural Chews when you’re making weekend plans with dogs. Lucky for you, Jones is hosting a giveaway just in time to plan for fall break! Lovely drives and hiking in the autumn leaves should be on everyone’s agenda, right? Our Liver Logs, the latest treat from Jones, is the perfect treat to pack for a trip. They break easily into little pieces. They’re soft and chewy and delicious. Your dog will love them. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, click the giveaway box, then click, I Commented! Easy as pie. Then start making your weekend plans with your dog!

Spreading the good chews …


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